This page will be used to share some promotional tools with you – some are free, some have a cost. But these are all things that we use – either personally or as a business. Do you have something that should be added? Let me know at

We’re just starting this page and MUCH more will be added.

Blaster “bot”  Programs – Do you need to increase your friends, followers and connections? Check this out.

Instant Banner Creator – FREE Software to create banners, headers, footers, buttons and MUCH more.

Market Samurai – FREE Keyword & SEO Research Tool — This tool gives you the keys you need for the 3 SEO Golden Rules  –

  • SEO Golden Rule #1 – Pick keywords that ATTRACT TRAFFIC, and avoid 90% of all keywords that will NOT attract traffic.
  • SEO Golden Rule #2 – Pick keywords that have COMMERCIAL VALUE, and avoid all of the unprofitable, useless-traffic keywords.
  • SEO Golden Rule #3 – Pick keywords with LOW LEVELS OF COMPETITION – and avoid keywords that give you have no chance to get front-page Google rankings.

Tweetdeck – manage your Twitter account and Facebook account on this dashboard

Website Hosting – Do you have 2 or more websites? If so, you should have your own server. For less than $100 a year — you can host unlimited websites. For more details – visit – for a special offer.

99 Free Product Creation Tools – A wide range of online resources.

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