Nikki Leigh and Promo 101  Promotional Testimonials

Promotional Testimonials

These are some of my testimonials from associates and clients.

Nikki Leigh is a consummate professional.
she is creative, …  stays within budget and
over delivers.
Not only was Nikki extremely responsive
to my needs, she is creative, easy to work with, stays
within budget and over-delivers. I intend on using Nikki’s
talent anytime I am in need of an effective Blog Tour.
I can highly recommend her.
Kathleen Gage -The Street Smarts Marketer


Judith and Jim did a video testimonial that can be viewed

Judith and Jim –

Authors of The Heart of Marketing

She takes great care to match the subject matter of the book with the appropriate hosts.

Her organizational skills and attention to every detail are par excellence.

She expertly weaved together my
Virtual Book Tour for “Money and Manifesting” from a slender thread into a fully
constructed, silky smooth garment. I highly recommend her services and I will be
back for another round in the future. I am very impressed.”

Dyan Garris –



Nikki Leigh went above and beyond the call of duty

She promoted the heck out of the tour

She stayed on top of things to make sure that my interviews were posted on time and where
they were supposed to be. I highly recommend Nikki to any author who wants a virtual tour done right!

Yvonne Perry –

  • She is the most organized and efficient person I have ever met.
  • Her Creative approach to marketing is reflected in how she is able to reach a
    target audience with such ease and expertise
  • Nikki is always one step (maybe two or three steps) ahead of herself.
  • Her mind is always working, searching for new ways to market clients.
  • Before I worked with Nikki, I tried several other marketing vehicles, but nothing was
    as effective or as affordable as what Nikki offers
  • I am already beginning to work with Nikki on my next book!

Phyllis Schieber – Author of Sinners Guide to Confession and Willing Spirits

My book Women of Wisdom reached #17 on Amazon and #1 in six categories. We faired better than other campaigns that were going on yesterday from some major publishers and publicists,  which proves you can do it on your own!  And with the help from a fabulous blog tour master – Nikki Leigh. I highly recommend Nikki if you are wanting internet exposure for your books. Kris Steinnes, author of the best seller/award winning book, Women of Wisdom: Empowering the Dreams and
Spirit of Women


It was a speedy, cost and time effective way to reach my targeted audience.

I was deeply impressed with the professionalism, attentiveness, and
friendship Nikki Leigh provided to me.

The blog tour for my book The Latino Challenge to Black America: Towards a Conversation Between African-Americans and Hispanics was both rewarding and profitable. It also boosted other book sales.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson – www.middlepassagepress.com

Nikki Leigh is one of the most helpful and well-connected people on the Web. With her treasure chest of contacts, Nikki was able to book the tour on blogs
with a wide variety of readers that opened the door to a much more diverse
audience than the niche market of the genre.
Not only did traffic to the book’s site nearly triple during the tour, it has remained high due to
the substantial footprint of new listings in the search engines.

MaAnna Stephenson – Author of The Sage Age

Nikki Leigh is the superstar of Web 2.0, Virtual book tours and so much more.She helps you

learn effectively with kindness and most of all

humorous patience.

She never makes you feel dumb. Hurray Nikki!

Video Testimonials


Gurutej – http://www.theenergyguru.blogspot.com/,

www.gurutej.com and http://www.theenergygurus.com/

I enthusiastically recommend Nikki Leigh who is a “Master Blogger” with a friendly, honest, intelligent, hardworking, and reliable disposition. Nikki was
Social Media Manager for Loveology University in spring 2009. (www.loveologyuniversity.com/LUPages/Faculty.aspx)

Dr. Ava Cadell – Personal Blog – www.dravablog.com

Founder of www.loveologyuniversity.com


www.avacadell.com and www.loveologyuniversity.com

Nikki Leigh’s Virtual Book Tour was one of the best things I did for my books.
Her knowledge of blogging and ability to utilize the wide variety of blogs in the cyber world proved to be a worthwhile investment of my marketing dollars. I definitely plan to engage Nikki’s services for my future books.

Shobhan Bantwal – Author of The Dowry Bride, The Forbidden Daughter & The Sari Shop Widow


Thanks for guiding me through this extraordinary experience ~ you are truly a light house.Thanks also for all your support and help with the campaign. I feel so blessed to have had you as a part of my best selling team. I have deeply appreciated your expertise, support and professionalism.
Danielle Rama Hoffman, Author, Intuitive, Divine Transmissions Inc. –
and www.EgyptIsCalling.com

Nikki turned my book promotion into a challenging and exciting experience Now, I have met Nikki Leigh and learned about her Virtual Blog Tour, I truly feel she has led me on a path that will get my name and my novels out to people who will love them. Nikki has been a Godsend to me and she has shown herself to be always ready to answer any questions I have asked and has been a wonderful, positive critic of my material and has gently pushed me toward excellence.  

Steven Clark Bradley – Author of Nimrod Rising



We have found Nikki Leigh to be a capable author and very professional in all her dealings with our company.
No advance-paying publisher (i.e. NOT a vanity press) contracts a second time
with an author whose work is less than professional.

Arline Chase – Author and Owner – WriteWords, Inc –


She has written several award winning books for us.
Her work is extraordinary and her work ethic is excellent.
She has always been very helpful and flexible in whatever we have asked of her. We have enjoyed working with Shri over the last two years and look forward to our continued ventures with her.
Angela C. Adams, (Former) Managing Editor – Atlantic Publishing Company

She has a mind like fireworks. In a short time, she has come up with so many excellent ideas,  it has left an indelible impression on me.

She is also very capable of bringing these ideas to fruition. (in a remarkably short period of time.) The other qualities that I have recognized in Nikki are expertise, innovation, superlative communication skills and enthusiasm.

Nikki gets things done.

Tom Brown – Creator of Copper Age of Comics –

Nikki Leigh is a whirlwind of ideas and strategies.

Allstate isn’t the only place where you’re in good hands.

She knows how to tap into people’s brains and pick out effective solutions for marketing, promotions and sales.
I’ve never met such a human dynamo before, and as I’ve told her, she’s my hero and I want to be just like her when I grow up. I’d trust her with any project.

Ginger Simpson, Author

I learn from her every single day.

She has business instincts, breadth of knowledge, energy and creativity.

I’ve worked with some savvy marketing professionals during my years in the computer and broadcasting industries, but
none of them had the business instincts, breadth of knowledge, energy and creativity Nikki Leigh brings to the table.

Nora Peterson, www.norapeterson.com

She would excel in any venture she chooses to pursue.

She help others achieve their goals

Nikki Leigh’s fortitude, knowledge, professionalism and willingness to take time out of her own projects to help
others achieve their goals is inspirational and a godsend. I seek out Nikki for help in marketing and promotional ideas for my own endeavors. I take pleasure in recommending Nikki highly.

Elena Dorothy Bowman –
www.sarahslanding.com and

Nikki Leigh is a promotional genius.

She’s willing to share her knowledge.

She has more great ideas for promotions than anyone I’ve met in a long time. AND, most important, she’s willing to share her knowledge with those of us who are less fortunate in the fields of marketing and promotion.

Dorice Nelson –www.doricenelson.com


Nikki Leigh is the thesaurus of marketing and promotion.

I’m amazed at how much ground she covers in a twenty-four hour day and do it with intelligent, engaging writing and verve.

She not only writes great, absorbing fiction she writes creative non-fiction that reads like a good novel. Whatever the
challenge; technical writing, fiction, ghostwriting, promoting, marketing, Nikki can do it. If you have a project that needs to be done, I highly recommend you have Nikki do the job for you.

Billie A Williams www.billiewilliams.com

Nikki Leigh is one of the rare people who has both an excellent creative mind and an excellent business mind.

She quickly gets to the heart of the challenge…

I spent five years as the co-owner of a marketing and promotion firm. She quickly gets to the heart of the challenge, analyzes what needs to be done and develops a composite creative and practical solution. I turn to her when I don’t have the answers for challenges and she comes through every time.

MORGAN ST. JAMES www.silversistersmysteries.com

Nikki Leigh has one of the most innovative and creative minds I’ve ever come across! Always willing to share her experiences and ideas with others. She’s always looking for new ways to promote, and does it with such enthusiasm. I can truthfully say she’s always
thinking on new marketing techniques and how to get the best for those who work with her.  I’ve learned heaps from Nikki, and I know there’s still more ideas to come!

Angela Verdenius – www.angelaverdenius.com

Nikki Leigh’s endless vigor and originality makes her the professional I turn to for marketing help.

Her know-how and intuition paves the way in networking and media promotions with fortitude. I recommend her highly.

Donna Sundblad, author of Pumping Your Muse and Windwalker

She does a great job at everything she tackles because of her enthusiasm and determination.We can all learn from her. Nikki Leigh is one of the most determined, ambitious business women I know. She is a creative and smart writer
who writes to help other business owners be successful.

Michelle Dunn www.michelledunn.com


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