Radio Interview with Nikki Leigh on Business Talk Radio Today

Monday, June 7, 12:40 pm EST – The David Magee Show –
Nikki Leigh, author of Book Promo 201 and owner of Promo 101 Promotional Services, is a guest on the David Magee Show, a syndicated radio program that believes that business is life, so live it large.

To find out more about Nikki, visit and She is an award winning author of 12 books and she brings over 18 years of promotional experience to every project. Do you need an online presence for your business or do you need to learn how to expand, automate and use your presence more effectively? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, contact

Review for Book Promo 201 by Nikki Leigh

I just got a new review for my book Book Promo 201 and wanted to share it 🙂

Nikki Leigh pushes you off the dock into the ocean of the deep web and takes you to a new shore of Internet book marketing. So, get yourself out of your little local pond and let Nikki Leigh show you how to market on the seas of every continent.

Take this book to its highest power and you will be working weeks and weeks to do all the things Nikki Leigh tells you to do, go to all the places she tells you to go, and get a presence on all the sites she says are important to promote yourself to as many people as possible.

Follow Nikki Leigh page after action-packed page and get busy soon after you go to and buy your download of Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing.

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