Joyce Anthony Reviews The Future That Brought Her Here

Joyce Anthony shares her review of The Future That Brought Her Here by Deborah DeNicola. See why she gave it a perfect rating! —

While reading The Future That Brought Her Here, I found my own soul become fully involved and voice its agreement and understanding. Deborah’s journey was one we will all recognize deeply. You will have a nagging sense of deja vu, not because you have read the words before, but because she speaks to your soul–from her own.

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Keeping Ourselves Protected and Centered by Dr Judith Orloff on

Yumi Sakugawa shares Keeping Ourselves Protected and Centered by Dr Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom

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How to Stay Positive In Stressful Times by Judith Orloff, MD

Marilyn Meredith shares an article by Dr Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom. It is very timely – A Guide to Staying Positive in Stressful Times –

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Read a Wide Variety of Information For Teen Girls Including Meditation, Yoga, Body Image and Much More

Gurutej hosts Nikki Goldstein today to share links to a wide range of information to help teen girls learn more about their body image, meditation and much more on her blog

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Being Passionate and Having a Dream Are Subjects in Women of Wisdom

Linda Merlino –

Do women have dreams and the passion they need to succeed? Visit metaphysical counselor and author Linda Merlino at Astrology for Everyone as she delves into Women of Wisdom by Kris Steinnes, a unique, award-winning book that nurtures women’s empowerment through various works, including stories, art, poetry and songs.

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Bobby’s Diner by Susan Wingate

September 1 – Susan Wingate’s new e-book – Bobby’s Diner – was released by

Details about Bobby’s Diner and Susan Wingate are included below.

About Bobby’s Diner

Georgette Carlisle explains a tale of events that lead up to this morning’s funeral. Fifteen years earlier, searching for a place to call home, Georgette accepts a ride from a philandering trucker who offers to take her from a bus stop in Kingman, Arizona to Phoenix but she never makes it. After an abrupt stop along the highway, Georgette jumps out of the truck and heads off on foot until she comes to the small town of Sunnydale.

The day Georgette first arrives in Sunnydale her life is empty. When she saunters into town she meets a married man, Bobby, who owns Bobby’s Diner. After he leaves his wife, Vanessa, for Georgette, Bobby marries her.

Fifteen years later, after Bobby has died, Georgette’s life is about to change. During the reading of the Bobby’s will, his last wish is to leave his diner to both women – his widow and his ex-wife. Each refuses to sell to the other or anyone else for that matter. They decide they will try to make the restaurant work with both managing it.

However, Bobby’s Diner sits squarely on a corridor property through Sunnydale. Sunnydale has caught the eye of a large developer in Phoenix. Zach Pinzer, an up-and-coming executive at Chariot International Incorporated, envisions Sunnydale as a flourishing boutique tourist location – the next Sedona. With the underhanded help of Sunnydale’s mayor, Pinzer can acquire the land he needs for his pet project – to develop the land and incorporate the spot where Bobby’s Diner sits. When Zach offers to buy the diner from Georgette and Vanessa, they flatly refuse him.

The People Who Will Like Bobby’s Diner

  • People who live in Arizona and people who like fiction set in AZ
  • People who enjoy women’s stories
  • Fans of Fannie Flagg’s “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café.”
  • Stories of families in crisis and who overcome the crisis
  • Women aged 15 and up
  • People who enjoy mainstream contemporary fiction
  • People who like family conflict and entanglements but stories that have happy endings.

Topics and Themes in Bobby’s Diner

Adultery, divorce, love, love lost, love reborn in others, family, murder, deceit and crime.

About Susan Wingate Susan Wingate, novelist, poet and playwright, received a BS in Accounting from AZ State University. Wingate brings a rare and diverse background to her creative writing. Presently, she lives in Washington State and writes full time. Wingate has written three novels. Her second book, BOBBY’S DINER, just received a book contract with and will be released in the fall of 2008. Her short story, “The Lion of Judah” received 1st Place honor (a monetary award and publication) in the August 2008 Fantasy Gazetteer Short Story Contest. One of her most recent accomplishments comes on the heels of completing her third novel, The Last Maharajan, with an excerpt selected for publication in literary journal the Superstition Review, an ASU press publication. She is a contributing writer for several magazines. Since the 2007 publication of her mystery novel, Of the Law, Wingate has kept busy teaching at writing workshops and at her studio. Her short stories and poems consistently receive awards and articles can be found in many magazines, journals and reviews. Wingate publishes an online newsletter called, “Sincerely, Susan” which has a readership of close to one thousand subscribers. She is also a co-founder of the San Juan Island Creative Women’s Group. Currently, she organizes a series of reading events for her local library. These events spotlight the community’s writers and provide a wonderful venue in which to hear their work. For hobbies, Wingate likes to read and paint.

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Susan travels to New Zealand today on her virtual tour and is interviewed by Yvonne Walus

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Talk With Hugh Ballou Tonight on ASE Motivation Radio

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