An Interview with Linda De Villers Author of Simple Sexy Food

Dee Owens shares her interview with Linda De Villers, PhD and author of Simple Sexy Food and a fun and sexy breakfast recipe –

We invite you to participate in the Simple Sexy Food Recipe Photo Contest Sexy Foods by Linda De Villerscontest – the grand prize winner will get a one on one aphrodisiac consultation and five runner ups will receive a digital copy of Love Skills by Linda De Villers.

Do aphrodisiacs work? What exactly are they? How can I use them? We answer these questions and many more during the Simple Sexy Food virtual tour with clinical sex therapist and foodie – Linda De Villers, PhD. There are many ordinary foods that can have aphrodisiac effects – and we’re going to help you understand them.

Linda De Viller, PhD, Clinical Sex Therapist and Foodie, shares her knowledge about the myths and truth about aphrodisiacs. She also share over 80 recipes and a wealth of love and sex tips. Get your copy at –




Simple Sexy Food Photo Contest

Simple Sexy Food Photo Contest

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