Nikki Leigh is a Guest with Lady Fontaine Tonight – Listen Live

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Nikki Leigh is a guest on Lady Fontaine’s radio show at 11 pm EST. Listen live or you can download the MP3 after the show. We will take live calls at 646-381-4141.   


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Nikki Leigh Talks About Love on Valentine’s Day — Listen Live Online

Nikki Leigh is a guest on Lust n Love Radio tonight at 10:15 pm EST and we’re talking your calls at 908-854-4228 – for show information and archives. Visit or visit click the 24/7 image to listen live. Live show with callers asking questions – you never know what might happen…

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The G-Spot ‘Does Exist’, says Dr. Ava Cadell

Graphic Sexual Content —-

For Immediate Release January 4, 2010

Contact: Dr Ava Cadell


Tel: 310-882-5438 ext. 9000

The G-Spot ‘Does Exist’, says Dr. Ava Cadell

A Rebuttal to the NY POST about “Sexy G-spot a Myth”

Dr. Ava says, “The Loch Ness Monster may be a myth, but the G-spot is real. I’ve helped thousands of women find their G-spot.”

Dr. Ava Cadell, founder of offers a G-spot Certification Course. Aside from learning exactly what the G-spot is, you can learn where it is located, what its function is, how it differs in women and the best techniques and positions for G-spot stimulation.

The G-spot area is located inside the woman’s vagina, about a third of the way in-between the vaginal opening and the cervix. It’s somewhere between 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina on the upper wall, so imagine a small clock inside the vagina and you’ll find the G-spot between 11 and 1 o’clock (with 12:00 pointing towards the navel).The G-spot area has a ridged texture and responds to gentle stroking.

The G-spot is also known as the female prostate gland, and unlike the male prostate gland, which has only two ducts, the G-spot has over 32 much smaller ducts. In many women, once properly stimulated, the G-spot can provide a very powerful orgasm.

More proof that the G-spot exists is that there are hundreds of products designed to stimulate the G-spot every year. Voted the world’s most innovative and top selling sexual enhancement adult toy on the market is the “We-Vibe” vibrator which can be worn during lovemaking to stimulate the G-spot and the Clitoris simultaneously.

Check out the Certified G-spot course if you want to:

  • Learn Exactly How to Find and Stimulate the G-spot
  • Know the Difference Between a G-spot Orgasm and a Clitoral Orgasm
  • Know How a Woman can Ejaculate from the G-spot
  • Find and Stimulate the Male G-spot; yes men have one too!

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See the article on with more information and interviews with Dr Ava Cadell and Mitzi Rae –

How Do You Define Cheating? Listen in at 7 pm PST with Dr Ava

Get Ready – We Talk Sex with Dr Ava – Wednesday April 29th 7 pm PST

Virtual Tour to Find The World’s Best Lover Begins January 5th


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Searching for the World’s Best Lover

Contest sponsored by

The winner will be announced before Valentines Day, 2009 and get a $2,000 scholarship or $1,000 cash prize.

Inspired by Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University® says, Our Valentines Day contest was propelled by the ever-growing demand from people who need to be coached in all matters of love, relationships and intimacy. Through Love U, an online College of Sexual Knowledge, anyone can learn how to enrich their relationships and become a great lover. Most people know how to have sex, but being romantic and making love is a truly an art-form that canand often needs to be–learned.

Dr. Ava and Loveology University® are asking Romantics to submit a short entry essay on why their lover is the Worlds Best Lover. These entries can be completed FREE at

Upon nominating your lovers name, you will receive a FREE Loveology Certificate stating that he/she has been nominated for the Worlds Best Lover a perfect Valentines gift at no cost. PLUS you will receive a FREE e-Book entitled 52 Sizzling Sex Secrets.

HOW TO ENTER: Nominate your partner by submitting a short entry essay on why you believe he/she qualifies as The Worlds Best Lover. Your essay should be no more than 500 words.

DEADLINE: All entries must be submitted before Midnight, Pacific US Time on Friday, February 6th, 2009.

ELIGIBILITY: Contest eligibility is open to worldwide participants who are 18 years or older and may access the worldwide web.

CONTEST JUDGING: Beginning on February 10th, 2009 through February 12th, 2009, a panel of judges from Faculty will select the winning Submission based on the judging criteria as follows: (a) 50% Uniqueness, (b) 25% Emotional inspiration and (c) 25% Seduction factor.

PRIZE: The winner will have the choice of a full scholarship for the Certified Loveologist® Love Coaching course at worth $2,000 or $1,000 cash, which will be awarded in the form of a check made payable to the winner. Prize cannot be assigned, transferred, or substituted.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: The winner will be contacted by phone and e-mail. The winners name and the nominators essay will be on posted at on Friday, February 13th, 2009.

PUBLICITY: The winner and his/her partner may have the opportunity to join Dr. Ava in media publicity including but not limited to Internet, Radio and Television appearances.

VALENTINES DAY GIFT SUGGESTIONS: For single people who will be spending Valentines Day alone, Dr. Ava encourages them to give themselves the gift of knowledge and choose from the many different Certified Courses that Love U offers such as Communication, Love, Flirting, Dating and Kissing so that they can learn all the healthy ingredients; friendship, respect, trust, communication and passionthat will be required for their next great relationship.

For couples spending Valentines Day together, Dr. Ava recommends that each member submit their partner as the Worlds Best Lover, contest and then purchase a Loveology Gift Certificate from the dozens of Certified Courses that Love U offers such as the Master Sexpert, Couples Enrichment, Intimacy, Foreplay and Tantric Sex so that they can enrich their relationship and expand their sexual horizon.

Live to love, and feel more pleasure by incorporating Loveology into your daily life. Thats the advice Id like to pass along to everyone, says Dr. Ava.


Dr Ava Launches a Cyber Search For The World’s Best Lover – Can You Help Us Find The Winner?

Dr Ava Cadell, founder of Loveology University will tour cyber space in January to share information about Loveology U, the wide variety of ebooks, audio and courses that she offers. We will focus on her Tantric Sex Workbook & Audio and we are also on the hunt for the World’s Best Lover and we need your help.

The Tantric Sex Workbook & Audio and The World’s Best Lover Competition:

In Loveology University’s Tantric Sex Certification Course, you will learn the definition of Tantra and the different kinds of Tantra. Discover how to practice Tantra as a single person verses a couple and the best way to introduce a partner to Tantric sex. There are plenty of Tantric sex techniques, but more than that, you’ll understand how Tantra can help to heal a hurt relationship and treat common sexual concerns. These sensual secrets are sure to please your mind, body and soul.

For women, Tantra can empower and fulfill their sensual needs. For men it can open up a whole new world to intimacy and it can give them the tools to become multi-orgasmic. For couples it’s an opportunity to create a more meaningful and intimate connection. So, get ready to explore new sexual territory, expand your ideas about your relationships, intimacy and sex.

World’s Best Lover Competition

Love Guru Dr. Ava Cadell, founder of, invites romantics to submit a FREE entry listing why their lover is the best. They receive a FREE certificate for their partner attesting to this loving tribute. This is a perfect Valentine’s gift at no cost. Each person who submits an entry will also receive a FREE copy of the ebook 52 Sizzling Sex Secrets. Deadline for submissions is February 6th, 2009. The winner will be announced on February 13th and they will win a $2000 scholarship for Loveology University or $1000 cash.

Perspective Audience for The Tantric Sex Workbook and The World’s Best Lover Contest:

Couples, singles who date online, people who want better sex lives, life coaches who want to become love coaches, nurses, students, massage therapists, counselors and newlyweds.

Topics for The Tantric Sex Workbook and World’s Best Lover Competition

Valentine’s Day, romance, love, relationships, intimacy, better sex, love coaching, loveology, tantra, tantric love, sex and much more.

About Dr Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University:

Love Guru, Media Therapist, Author and World Speaker, Dr. Ava is an accomplished author of seven books. When TV shows want ratings, they call Dr. Ava who has appeared on numerous national shows including Good Morning America, Extra, Montel, Geraldo, Anderson Cooper 360, Scarborough County, Fox News Live and a variety of shows for MTV, VH1, Discovery, Lifetime, TLC, ‘E’ and A & E.

Through her private practice in LA, she counsels people on personal issues that range from anger management, fear of intimacy, communication problems, performance anxiety, infidelity, love and sex addiction, lack of desire, power struggles, and parental concerns.

Dr Ava’s Full bio –

Dr Ava’s website –

Check out Dr Ava’s speaker information and media details on YouTube – v=6kU5SrT1H1Q v=u9l-c3GXhdo

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