The Sage Age by MaAnna Stephenson

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The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom

Combining the knowledge of physics with intuitive practice is no small task. The two disciplines often use the same words to mean entirely different things. Written for the seeker with more than a casual interest, The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom demystifies complex ideas with intelligent analogies and examples designed to appeal to both the scientist and the natural intuitive. Four years in the writing, this expansive new work combines knowledge from the physical sciences and the intuitive arts to present a visionary perspective that harmonizes these diverse disciplines into one body of knowledge.

With a well-researched approach to its subjects, The Sage Age covers a broad range of material from ancient to modern thought, frontier science and current intuitive practice to deliver a depth and breadth of understanding that culminates in a holistic perspective for our time. Living up to its mantra of “new models for new thought,” The Sage Age is certain to be a catalyst for dialogue and is destined to be a major work in its field.

Topics Discussed in The Sage Age

The primary topic of interest is the body antenna. That includes the physical body, the subtle energy bodies, and the mental or thought process. All of these combine into a very complex, multifaceted antenna system that simultaneously broadcasts and receives many types of informed energies, or vibes. Understanding these concepts will help move us from the age of information to the vibrational age and an entirely new way to see health, matter and energy. The book brings new models for new thought in these areas. Other chapters focus on understanding the basic principles of waves, both sonic and electromagnetic. There are also several chapters devoted to demystifying scientific jargon and theories including those of physics, quantum physics, and cosmology.

MaAnna Stephenson

While currently known as a visionary thinker and new author, MaAnna Stephenson is a true Renaissance woman. From an early age she was exposed to a myriad of influences including her father’s engineering and artistic endeavors, her maternal line of intuitives, and an intrinsic fascination with sound and music. “My mother was also an intuitive, as were all the women in my immediate family. I became accustomed quite early to the fact that there were things – forces and powers – which could not be measured with a ruler but were just as real as anything I could see or touch.”

It was in Nashville that she began her writing career with a short story triggering what she calls
“soul memories.” In response to her experience, MaAnna began her self-education in the fields of technical, scientific and New Age thought, exploring ancient mysticism and the rational sciences with equal emphasis. After a five-year preparation period, she was initiated as a shamanka. Her training for this initiation further contributed to her education process as she continued her studies in reconciling the rational sciences and the intuitive arts. This process has culminated in the writing of the newly released The Sage Age – Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom.

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Sponsor – Angela Verdenius – Sci Fi – Futuristic Romance Author

Born in Victoria, Australia, my childhood was spent in a variety of places, both in towns and the outback. Now settled in Western Australia, I work as a nurse. A love of animals has me involved in animal welfare, and certainly explains why the cats hog my bed and the hot water bottle!
Reading has always been my escape, writing my dream. Horror, myths, legends, fantasy and history ,there are no limits to the wonders to be found. And romance? Well, that adds the spice, hope and happiness ever after


Well, that’s the official version! LOL. Mind you, happy ever afters are nice, but because I’m so hooked on horror , my aim is to write a horror book in the near future. Nothing like branching out and testing new waters! I also have planned a novel of a different sort…

Meanwhile, I have the Heart & Soul sci-fi/futuristic series, which is currently running at 15 books (all available in e-book and paperback), and am starting book 16. I envisage probably about 20 books in the series…maybe 23 or 24 . Check out my website to find out which books are available now, and which are contracted as future releases.

My heroines come from varied backgrounds – mutants, peacekeepers, outlaws, warriors, soldiers, healers, space pirates, bounty hunters, traitors, witches, etc – and they are exactly what I portray them to be – if the women are tough, then they’ll tie their own shoelaces, thanks! Warriors and outlaws, etc, will kill, they will fight for their lives, and they can stand alone against the odds.

My heroes are also from varied backgrounds – planet leaders, traders, space pirates, bounty hunters, feline-types, etc. They are strong enough to stand beside their loves, and they’ll follow them into the darkest depths and most dangerous situations without a qualm.
So if you’re looking for a series which alternates between lighthearted and dark, laughter and tears, pain and pleasure, then check out my books, the reviews and the awards on my website

Angela Verdenius

Special site for Readers and Authors:

Sponsor – Journey to the Rim of Space and Beyond with the Sarah’s Landing Series

“This sci-fi tale is a perfect blend of fantasy, mystery, and romance work-ing together in a most seductive way. The peaceful setting of this New England coastal village is anything but what it seems. Dark forces are at work breaking down the barriers of two separate worlds. Its rich characters will draw you in as they struggle to find answers to a century old mystery …

Sarah’s Landing is the first in a four part series, and as such leaves the reader begging for more. The characters are real and complex, driven by compassion and loyalty. But where their loyalties lie is another matter. The plot is intriguing and spun in true sci-fi fashion. All the elements of a wondrous tale are here as Elena keeps the reader in suspense from beginning to end.” ~~ Sandy Bernstein-Sour Grapes Magazine Editor***

Is there a connection between the unexplained disappearances of people who vanished ten years before the new millennium—the first space-exploration starship, Earth Star-I, lost in deep space fifty-one years later—and a village situated along the rocky coast of New England, a place out of time, called Sarah’s Landing? Joshua Morgan, the Astronaut /Biologist scratched from the ill-fated flight, is determined to find the answers.

Slowly, almost magnetically he is drawn to Sarah’s Landing. Stories told by the local townspeople of the Founder’s House, and the strange goings-on within, drew him to the site over the objections of his newly found love, a redheaded telepath, named Alexandra McKay. Little does he know his quest will take him to the far reaches of space and to an alien planet no one knows exists.

The first inkling of the alien bond manifests itself in Alexandra’s dreams after his disappearance. She reaches out to Joshua’s friend, Navy Lt. Harry Jacobsen, for help. A quadrangle develops when the main characters, Joshua, Alexandra, Harry, and the alien leader’s daughter are helplessly caught in the entanglement of an affair that spans two different planets light years apart. Joshua discovers that his love for two women, results in the birth of sons—siblings—one from the alien planet, one from Earth, both empowered with mind-linking capabilities.

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