Nikki Leigh Interviewed – Business Reorganization for Your Business

Are you a business person who is struggling to make ends meet?

Is the “recession” making it harder and harder for you to show a profit?

Have you been in business for some time and you make a comfortable living? But you wouldn’t mind finding ways to make more money, with the same amount or less work?

Nikki Leigh is a guest on Career Czar and she shares her experience with business reorganization. Nikki has worked in a number of types of small businesses to help the operation run smoother and more economically. That is a topic that many business owners and even the government need to take to heart in these tough economic times. You can download the file or listen here –

The Recession May Be the Perfect Time to Start a Small Business

“It’s risky starting a small business. No arguing about that. If you’re already out of work in this tough economy, however, and you have a little money saved so you don’t need to worry about your lights getting turned off, this is a perfect time to start one.” Join Karen Leland at The Perfect Blend. She is sharing a guest article by business coach and author Christy Strauch titled — “This Year Is the Perfect Time to Turn Your Passion Into Profit.” —

Christy Strauch is the author of Passion, Plan, Profit: 12 Simple Steps to Convert Your Passion into a Solid Business. In addition she is president of Clarity To Business and has worked with over 300 small business owners, from artists to real estate agents, helping them do what they are passionate about – and make a profit.

Her book is available at at For more information about this virtual book tour, including the complete tour schedule, please visit

How to be a Sales Superstar by Mark Tewart

Every aspect of our daily lives are affected by sales, even though we may not think in those terms. When you buy any product or service, various sales people are involved in the background. Even your utilities are affected by the sales process. Sales people have gotten a bad “rep” for years, but that isn’t necessary. We all know people in the sales industry that are superstars. The question is – how do you become a sales superstar? Mark Tewart is a definite expert who has the answer to this question and he is sharing his thoughts and tips in his new book “How to be a Sales Superstar”.

Read my review here –

On Monday December 22nd, I’ll interview Mark Tewart on my internet radio show. I’m going to try to do something different this week. When we look at the current economic situation in the US and the world – we know that many businesses are in precarious positions. So, I’m asking people to send me their questions. I can ask my own questions, but I’m willing to ask your questions during the show. Mark Tewart has a wealth of great information to share and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share it with my listeners.

For people who aren’t in business – think about the unemployment numbers. They are higher than they have been in many years. If you had tips to help you do better in your current job – even if you aren’t in sales – wouldn’t that make you worth more to your current employer?

Feel free to send me your questions and for people who cannot listen to the show live, you can visit the site and download the show. We will be on air Monday December 22, 2008 at 3 pm EST. If you have questions, please forward them to

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