GirlForce by Nikki Goldstein is a Recommended Reader on ReaderGirlz Blog in August

Regular blog visitors may remember that Nikki Goldstein and Girlforce toured with us recently. I was very happy to hear that Girlforce will be a featured selection on the ReaderGirlz blog in August and wanted to share the news here.

For any teen young lady, mothers of teens, aunts of teens and anyone else who cares about a teen young lady — this is a must read book. The teen years were tough on most of us and it seems that the teen years have gotten harder – so its great to let these young ladies know about this wonderful resource to help them navigate the turbulent teen years.

August: postergirlz recommended reads

The postergirlz have a great lineup of companion books for Coe Booth’s Kendra. Excellent choices, ladies! Thank you!


Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han
Mare’s War by Tanita S. Davis
Violet by Design by Melissa Walker
So Not the Drama by Paula Chase

GirlForce by Nikki Goldstein

Welcome to these authors as they stop by this month and possibly blog! Keep a watch, rgz.

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GirlForce: A Way of Life For Young Women by Nikki Goldstein Virtual Book Tour Just Began

GirlForce: A Way of Life For Young Women by Nikki Goldstein

Presenting a Virtual Book Tour Especially for Teenage Girls and Their Mothers

Happening NOW

Beginning June 24th, Promo 101 Presents a Virtual Book Tour to promote GirlForce: A Way of Life For Young Women by Nikki Goldstein. Are you a teenage girl or is there a special teen girl in your life? Would you have enjoyed a book that helped you understand why you were so different from other girls and how to deal with those differences?

About GirlForce: A Way of Life For Young Women

Author Nikki Goldstein has worked as a beauty editor for over ten years, and wanted to develop a way to counter the negative images and messages she often found in the media. Nikki discovered Ayurveda (pronounced ‘eye-ur-veed-dah”)after a long illness, and during her recovery a friend suggested looking yoga and meditation. At first a skeptic, Nikki found that she was becoming and feeling stronger and her stress levels were down. Most of all, she was learning about her body and what it needed to feel great. Nikki wants to spread the word about the power of being in tune with your inner self, and to inspire girls to celebrate themselves just the way they are. Empower your body, mind and sprit with GirlForce, and the world is yours for the taking.

Based on the ancient Indian system known as Ayurveda (pronounced “eye-ur-vee-dah”), everyone has a unique body type made up of the elements Air, Fire and Earth which give you your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics. Each body type has different needs and desires in order to feel balanced. This is not a diet or weight loss book, but a way of feeling great about yourself, for who you are. GirlForce offers practical, wise and balanced tools to improve health, well-being, body image and relationships.

About Nikki Goldstein

Nikki Goldstein has worked as a beauty editor and writer for Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, InStyle and Cosmopolitan. Motivated by her own experiences, she decided to share the positive impact of Ayuveda – and in doing so help millions of girls across the world to feel fantastic about themselves. Nikki regularly blogs on her two websites – and which give further information about the power of GirlForce, as well as fun quizzes, activities and forums.

You are invited to visit (for teen girls) (for mothers of teens). You are also invited to visit any of the blog and website posts about GirlForce. Full details are posted here If you would like to include information from GirlForce and Nikki Goldstein on your website, please contact

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