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A couple of years ago I discovered the interesting way Neil Patel presents information on a full range of topics about internet marketing and I was immediately hooked. I subscribed the sites where he posts updates about new articles and posts by him. Today he shared a post that shares links to 12 of his internet marketing guides and 2 courses he developed.

This is awesome information and I highly recommend you check it out – there is so much to learn and he has a great style with the content he shares.

Get Your MBA in Internet Marketing with These 12 Guides and 2 Courses


MBAs aren’t cheap. If you wanted to get one from a school like Harvard,you’ll need $95,100 per year.

If you wanted to get an equivalent degree in Internet marketingdo you know how much it would cost? If you guessed free, you’re right.

All you have to do is read the 12 guides below and follow the 2 courses I outlined in this post, and you’ll be off to your career in Internet marketing.

12 guides and 2 courses

Here’s what you need to read (in this order):

In addition to reading the 12 guides above, you’ll also want to gain some practical experience. Knowing about marketing isn’t enough. You’ll have to be able to implement your knowledge to grow traffic and increase sales.

To gain some experience, you’ll want to follow these 2 courses:

  • Double Your Traffic in 30 Days

    – this course will show you step by step how to take a site from zero to thousands of visitors a month.

  • Double Your Conversions in 30 Days

    – once you get those visitors to your site, you’ll need to start selling to them. This guide will show you what to do in order to convert your visitors into paying customers.


You don’t have to spend any money to get an education or a job in Internet marketing. Instead, you need to be able to execute.

The beautiful thing about the marketing industry is that people care only about results. If you can demonstrate that you are great at getting results, you’ll do well as a marketer.

So, what other guides, courses, or books are worth reading if you want to get a good education in Internet marketing?



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