How to Use Pinterest to Promote Your Business

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Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for BusinessKaren Leland is the bestselling author of 8 business books including the recently released Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest For Business, which can be purchased at  She is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she works with small businesses and Fortune 500 on building stronger personal and team brands. She writes the Modern Marketing Blog at   


Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business Virtual Tour

Promote Your Business With Pictures

Pinterest is the Third Largest Social Network –Use it to Promote Your Business

How often have you thought you would love to have a free billboard or 100 free billboards to promote your business? You could have different billboards to promote the various services and/or products you offer. You could create billboard that would appeal to each of your target audiences. For many business people – it would be cost prohibitive to have 100 or ever 500 custom billboards. But it isn’t too expensive any more.

Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that allows users to create a visual, online pinboard or billboard to feature images that help potential and existing customers to understand more about your business.  There are reasons why Pinterest is the fastest growing Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Businesssocial media site in history and the third largest social network. Are you looking for ways to get in front of more women, age 35 or older? The most recent studies indicate that nearly 20 percent of women using the Internet are on Pinterest, 72 percent of Pinterest users are female, and 66 percent of those are age 35 or older, and the average amount of time visitors spend surfing the Pinterest site is an hour.

Karen Leland is the author of the new book “Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business.” It is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide to enable the reader to hit the road running and quickly make Pinterest a valuable source of prospects, promotion and profits.

“Great business brands are about telling compelling, congruent stories, and Pinterest is at its core about storytelling in pictures,” says Leland. “Pinterest has tapped into this visceral lover of visuals, and no small business, entrepreneur or corporation can afford to miss the boat on bringing what they offer beyond words and into images.”

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