Share a Mother’s Inspiring Story of Love, Loss, Faith and Resilience

Share Her Journey to Help One of Her Children With Her Diagnosis and Keep the Rest of The Family Together Through Her Virtual Blog Tour

Susan Avitzour’s daughter received a devastating diagnosis from her doctor at a young age. Obviously this flipped the lives of the entire family upside down. Many people discover how therapeutic writing and journaling can be – that is one of the things Avitzour did to handle her daughter’s illness and the changed in her family. Those journals recounted the journey her family was on and those journals have now been released as her new book And Twice the Marrow of Her Bones.  

About And Twice the Marrow of Her Bones

In 2001, Susan Avitzour lost her eighteen-year-old daughter Timora to leukemia, after a six-year struggle.  In her memoir, And Twice the Marrow of Her Bones, she grapples with many of the profound personal, philosophical, and spiritual questions with which bereaved parents struggle for years – if not for the rest of their lives.  Using narrative, poetry, and a journal, she draws us deeply into her family’s world during the “long, wrong years” of her daughter’s illness, and into her own emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey in their aftermath.  She addresses topics that range from food to fun to forgiveness, from pain to purpose to prayer – and ultimately to the challenge of affirming faith and love in an unpredictable, and often cruel, universe. In doing so, she has created a book that will offer invaluable assistance and support not only to bereaved families, but to anyone faced with life’s inevitable challenges and trials.

About Susan Avitzour

Susan Avitzour and her husband Daniel raised seven children.  Her fourth daughter, Timora, was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 12. The family spent the next six years struggling to maintain a normal life while she underwent extensive treatment, including two bone marrow transplants.  She died in 2001, at the age of eighteen. Susan Avitzour finished a degree in law at the University of California, Berkeley, shortly before moving to Jerusalem with her family. She left the field of law in 1998, to work as a mediator, grant-writer, and translator. She returned to school in 2005 for a Masters degree in clinical social work. She now works as a cognitive-behavioral therapist both at Hadassah Hospital and privately, helping people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and trauma.

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Joyce Anthony Welcomes Sandy Sims to Her Blog to Talk About Creativity

Joyce Anthony shares an introduction for Sandy Sims and his book How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking, A Creative Thinking Blue Print For the 21st Century on her blog –

For more information about Sandy Sims and How Frank Lloyd Wright Got Into My Head, Under My Skin And Changed The Way I Think About Thinking, A Creative Thinking Blue Print For the 21st Century, visit and visit this page to get the Amazon links

Your Invitation to Participate in Frankie The Walk ‘n Roll Dog’s Virtual Tour

We are starting to work on a virtual tour for another great title which is touring with Promo 101 Virtual Tours. This book is titled Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog by Barb Techel. This book touched me the first time I read it and the video might bring tears to your eyes –

Barb and Frankie are touring cyberspace during the month of June and we are looking for all kinds of great blogs that would like to share information with their readers about Barb, Frankie and the message they want to share. Barb is an “outside the box” and very creative woman – so we plan a great and very memorable tour. Is there a way we can work with you in this tour? There are some suggestions below on how to participate. Keep in mind that we promote your blog as part of the tour and we circulate your blog link on the day(s) you host Barb and Frankie to bring new visitors to your site. If you would like to talk about being part of this tour, contact me at

Virtual Blog Tour – Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog

There are a number of ways to participate in a tour –
1 – Write a review for the book (we supply a copy of the book)
2 – Send interview questions for the author to answer (based on information from their blog, questions about their writing or the topic of their book).
3 – Send an interview for Frankie to get the “inside” story of this courage dog.
4 – Have the author guest post for the day – about their book, writing, background or a topic in the book.
5 – If you have a radio show or podcast, Barb loves to do interviews.
6 – If you have another idea, let me know. We love promoting – outside the box.

About Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog

The story of Frankie, the Walk ‘N Roll Dog is a true, inspirational story about a dog whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed. When Frankie is custom fit for a wheelchair she enthusiastically learns to keep on rolling. Her zest for life will have you cheering her on and give you hope that all things are possible. Frankie’s story touches the hearts of young and old as she teaches us how a challenge can become a stepping stone to something more meaningful. Frankie’s motto is: “Always be positive and keep on rolling!”

About Barb Techel

Barbara is the author of the multi award winning “Frankie, The Walk ‘N Roll Dog.” A true, inspirational story about a dachshund whose life started out just like any other dog walking on all four paws until a spinal injury leaves her paralyzed. Frankie is custom fit for a wheelchair and learns to keep on rolling. Barbara is a registered therapy dog team with her dog Frankie, volunteering at their local hospital, Libby’s House & Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice. Barbara is also a speaker and shares Frankie’s inspirational message at local schools and various local organizations.

Barbara lives in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin with her husband John, Frankie (the walk ‘n roll dog) and Kylie, an English yellow Labrador. Barbara truly believes that animals teach us how to live in the moment and teach us some amazing life lessons if we just pay attention.

About Frankie

Frankie is best known as “the walk ‘n roll dog.” After suffering a spinal injury at the age of six, which caused partial paralysis, she was custom fitted for a doggie wheelchair. She now zooms through life with a joyous zest that never fails to make people smile when they see her. In 2009 Frankie was inducted into the Wisconsin Pet Hall of Fame in the companion category. She was chosen because she positively affected her mom, Barbara, helping her find her purpose. Frankie lives in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin with the best parents ever, Barbara & John. She also shares her doggie bed with her best bud, Kylie, her three year old English Labrador sister. Frankie lives life to the fullest and being in her presence will give you hope that all things are possible.

People Who Need to Read Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog

parents, grandparents, pet owners, people with disabilities, people with loved ones with disabilities, teachers, and many more.

Topics That Are Discussed in Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog

• Teach children and adults about compassion & overcoming adversity
• Not judging and learning to accept others when they are “different”
• Helping parents of children with disabilities & physical challenges
• Help people see challenges as a way to learn and grow.
• Help people realize they always have the option to choose happiness no matter what.
• Help dog owners realize the options for animals facing a disability.
• Bringing a positive light to animals with disabilities and the good they can do in the world

For more information about Frankie The Walk and Roll Dog

Nikki Leigh

Bounce Back Giveaway – Your Turn To Share Your Story of Glory!

Karen wants to share a special opportunity with you –

“I am excited to share some exciting news and an opportunity for you to win a free luxurious Fairmont Spa vacation! (Yes! A fabulous spa package for 3 days/2 nights for two people — and 2 personalized spa treatments for each person at Willow Stream Spa in gorgeous Fairmont Newport Beach, California. You will be indulged like never before in one of seven decadent treatment rooms appointed with oversized spa beds!)
Here’s how you can win…

This week my newest book hits store shelves — THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK — which has a red rubber cover on the outside and inside tips on HOW TO THRIVE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY, SETBACKS AND LOSSES.

This book is an absolute labor of love, inspired by a challenging time I went through, and includes all the empowering resiliency psychology tips which helped me, so I might help others.

It’s my mission to give people going through tough times valuable tools to bounce back stronger, happier, wiser!

So far the book’s gotten amazing advance praise from folks like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Peter Guber,and more. Lucy S. Danziger, the Editor-in-Chief of SELF wildly praised the book saying:”Salmansohn’s advice for regaining your footing after a life set back is smart, do-able and even fun. Chock-full of mood-lifting exercises designed to increase self awareness and enhance resilience, this mini-guidebook makes clear that we all have inner strength, once we know how to access it.”

Basically, if you’re going through a tough time …with a bad break up, illness, career challenge, you name it…this book is a truly empowering resource.
Simply buy THE BOUNCE BACK BOOK before July 1st and send me the proof of amazon receipt to and you will be given access to a secret library on my site which will have downloadable podcasts from my BE HAPPY DAMMIT Sirius show — informative personal conversations with some of the greatest happiness and career success authors in the world, like Tom Peters, Marshall Goldsmith, Tom Rath etc.

AS FOR THE SPA VACATION… if you buy the book before July 1st you’re eligible to enter my BOUNCE BACK CONTEST…where Im seeking uplifting stories of glory over a tough time. First place winner receives the luxurious Fairmont Spa Vacation! And there are 19 other cool prizes, including fabulous jewelry from and ipod stereo equipment, yummy food like Fretzels, etc. Again, save your proof of purchase from Amazon before July 1, then write up your inspiring bounce back story — which should be between 400 to 1,200 words– and send them both to me by August 1st. The winner will be announced on Sept. 1st.”

For more information about Karen Salmansohn’s virtual book tour –

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