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Beginning in early May 2014, Judy Marie Trimbur will be touring cyber space to share information about her new book She Thought She Could She Did. It is an inspiring personal memoir – read on for more details about Judy Marie and her book…

Judy Marie Trimbur was twenty-eight years old when she first heard The Voice say, “Judy, no more!” She was about to sign a permission form for a third back surgery when she dropped the pen, left the doctor’s office, and threw out her pain medication forever. Two days later she visited an iridologist who sent her home with medicinal herbal supplements. The powerful healing properties contained in the herbs soon sparked a permanent transformation. The people at Mind Lab Pro couldn’t believe how well she did, she couldn’t fathom it then, but she had begun a journey not just to heal herself but to heal others. Within six months, her back was completely healed as was her rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, diverticulitis, chronic constipation, and Epstein-Barr symptoms. She had also lost sixty pounds!

SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD SHE DID A Miraculous Journey of Healing is the inspirational story of a woman who heard she would be in a wheelchair by the age of thirty yet listened to the Divine to find healing instead. Riddled with a degenerative bone condition and other debilitating illnesses since childhood, the author chose to ignore the doctors who said there wasn’t much further help they could offer. She faced the label of ‘crazy’ in her childhood and again later in life when seeking treatment through natural means. Judy Marie pressed forward, and eventually came to understood that her emotional and mental problems were the original source for her physical ailments, that there is a mind-body connection, and that to be totally healed she would need to mend her soul—her spiritual self.

Although her diseases above healed quickly, their causes took much longer to bubble to the surface and dissipate. This explains why after almost three decades of being a gifted natural healer and provider of herbal products, Judy Marie believes she contracted what she calls her breast cancer condition. Diagnosed through traditional methods, her tumor was nonetheless eradicated through extensive emotional and physical cleansing—not by the normal surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Perhaps Judy Marie needed to wait for this final episode to reveal her story to the world through writing SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD SHE DID At fifty-five years “young” she feels she has come full circle from a fledgling healer of others to a brave soul unafraid of cynicism and criticism. She knows that through prayer, herbs, ancient remedies, and changes in their diets, she was instrumental in healing her three young children—one from Grand Mal seizures, another from asthma and ADD, and the third from death’s door due to a severe reaction to her DTP vaccinations.

Not only did Judy heal herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and become a healer of others using herbs and sometimes what can only be described as mystical methods, she pulled herself out of poverty, providing for her children and their education, buying her own home in Colorado.

Through it all, she has sought out practices and teachers in the natural healing domain as well as the Native American realm. She has built Judy Marie’s Miracles of Health business platform ( on years of formulating her own herbal dietary supplements and products that sell to customers, retailers and wholesalers, around the globe. Along with client consultations, she speaks and teaches on a regular basis and her social media following is rapidly gaining momentum.

To Judy Marie Trimbur, writing and selling SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD SHE DID will simply be a natural extension of what she calls her service to the universe—healing her world, healing our world. On her journey, she has met many influential authors and speakers including Alan Cohen, Hans Christian King, Dr. Wayne Dyer and current bestselling author Anita Moorjani (Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing).

Like the above well-read authors, Judy knows she has more than one book to share with her audience, mainly women of all ages who are her current customers and attend her health seminars. Future titles include: A Mother’s LoveHerbs Are Our FriendsHealing Root Causes, Healthier Than Ever, and Ancient Natural Remedies.  She discovered these genuine possibilities while working on this book and proposal, realizing that she had much more to relay through the written word than her personal story of healing and becoming a healer.

Although basically an inspirational memoir, SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD SHE DID is different from other books in its genre. It not only goes into detail about the author’s own healing journey and healing gifts, it shows the reader that Judy Marie  has continued to heal herself, most recently from her breast cancer condition and codependent relationships, and is strong and healthy almost thirty years since she first heard The Voice in that doctor’s office. She is literally a walking testament to praying for help, knowing it will come, and then embracing it when it does.

She Thought She Could She Did - Judy Marie TrimburABOUT THE BOOK

SHE THOUGHT SHE COULD SHE DID A Miraculous Journey of Healing is a natural outpouring of Judy Marie Trimbur’s life and business. More than a memoir, it covers stages of her growth as a person and a healer as well as giving some practical applications for the reader. The book includes stories of the divine path opening up through pain, which presents opportunities for healing.   There are twelve chapters, each chapter providing an exercise and lesson at the end meant to serve as a catalyst for the reader on their own path of healing.

The book dives right into Judy Marie’s first physical healings through herbs and other methods, and the beginnings of her emotional healing.  From health challenges to relationship problems, financial difficulties, and a search for answers through religions, into finally following her own path to health, happiness, and wholeness.  The first four chapters are:

  • The Voice
  • Are You Crazy
  • There is Always a Reason
  • Remembering Me

This includes the author’s powerful resolve that has kept her moving forward despite some overwhelming difficulties—to never give up, choosing health and life over pain and premature death.

The memoir also contains stories about Judy Marie healing others, such as her adopted Hopi mother and her three children, and details the author’s development as a healer—how she discovered her healing gifts, how herbs play an important role, which teachers have enlightened her, what methods she has learned, and why everyone has the potential to heal. These chapter titles are:

  • My First Healer
  • Starving to Death/Starving to Heal
  • Teachers
  • The Greatest Something You Can Ever Do

The author’s work philosophy is that whether she is blessing the herbs or writing this book, each action equals the other. They all have the same aim—to serve self, humanity, and the universe.

The story not only delves deeper into Judy’s beliefs about her purpose as a healer but the purpose of each person who seeks healing. Judy uses personal stories to expound on caring for herself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She also provides the reader with self-care lists and suggestions.  This can be seen in the following chapters:

  • If There’s A Will There’s a Way
  • Listening to Spirit, Following the Heart
  • Peeling Potatoes
  • A Divine Healing

The book also echoes a belief held by many in these end times that those who seek personal healing for themselves and others—both body and soul—are actually helping to heal Mother Earth.

ABOUT THE AUTHORJudy Marie Trimbur

Judy Marie Trimbur is the president and co-founder of Judy Marie’s Miracles of Health, Inc. (, a dietary supplement company based in Loveland, Colorado.  Her passion to provide the highest quality herbal products and teach principles of health and healing began almost thirty years ago when she herself suffered from many conditions for which she found no relief in the medical community.

On her journey as a holistic health practitioner, she studied under several teachers and earned many certificates, including ones in Iridology and Herbology from Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Aromatherapy, Massage, and Healthcare from the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She also trained in therapeutic massage, reflexology, kinesiology, and Shamanistic and Native American teachings.

Along with healing the body, Judy Marie strongly believes in healing the mind—that the two are intrinsically intertwined—having experienced this connection personally on several occasions, the last time with what she calls her breast cancer incident. Her clients and customers as far away as India and Australia benefit greatly from her company’s all-natural formulas and her nutritional and spiritual counseling through consultations, seminars, newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and her commitment to giving back to the world what she herself has received.


ARCHIVE – Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff Virtual Blog Tour

New York Times and Wall Street Journal
Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD

A Guide to Staying Brave and Positive During Stressful Times

National bestselling author Judith Orloff MD presents new solutions for dealing with emotions in our hyper-tense world. She invites you to take a remarkable journey, one that leads to happiness, serenity, and a mastery over negativity that pervades daily life. You possess the ability to liberate yourself from worry, anger, and fear. True emotional freedom is closer than you think.

About Judith Orloff, MD

Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff, MD is an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of the new international bestseller Emotional Freedom. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality to achieve physical and emotional healing. She passionately asserts that we have the power to transform negative emotions and achieve inner peace. She offers practical strategies to overcome frustration, stress, and worry and teaches people how to quiet overactive minds that won’t shut off.

In August we will taking Emotional Freedom on a virtual tour of cyber space and you are being invited to join us and to learn more about your Emotional Freedom. If you would like to participate – contact nikki @ for more details.

Some of the Topics Discussed in Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD

  • Energy Healing
  • Energy Health
  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Healing Energy
  • Intuition
  • Positive and Negative Attitudes
  • Positive and Negative Energy
  • Relationships with Victims
  • Relationships with Narcissists
  • Emotional Vampires
  • Emotional Healing
  • Break Your Addiction to Fear
  • Empathy
  • Emotional Empathy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Beyond Traditional Psychiatry

These are just a couple of the videos on Dr Orloff’s YouTube Page –

Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, Dr. Judith Orloff, a unique psychiatrist who views emotions as a path to intuitive healing and spiritual awakening, hits the streets of Los Angeles to ask random people what they think about emotional freedom and what their techniques are. Check out Judith’s new book “Emotional Freedom” at

Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM,Dr. Orloff discusses Chapter 5 (Emotional Vampires) of her book–how to protect yourself from narcissists–people who are self-obsessed, lack empathy, and can suck your energy dry. Warning: don’t fall in love with one. Learn more at

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Begin Your Personal Healing Journey with Dyan Garris

You Are Invited to Begin Your Personal Healing Journey with Dyan Garris

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. It is the perfect time to learn how to begin your personal healing journey. Most people have things that they want to improve and to change in their lives. We have the ability to change things and to improve our situations, but we need the proper tools to make it happen. Dyan Garris has assembled a toolbox with the tools that are needed for your healing journey.

One of those tools is her book Money and Manifesting. This book takes you beyond the Law of Attraction and shows you how to actually MAKE the changes that you want in your life.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve worked extensively with Dyan Garris and have learned so much from her. I was very excited when she decided to offer a teleclass to give us additional details which compliment the information in Money and Manifesting.

Feel free to tell any friends that want to make positive changes in their lives about this class. There’s still time to get your copy of Money and Manifesting – and to sign up for the teleclass. What’s stopping you from making your life better? Attend this class to find out what’s stopping you and how to get past these things.

Money and Manifesting Teleclass
Event Details

Manifesting Teleclasses – May 21, 22 and 23, 2008 at 8:00 PM EDT (5:00 PDT, 7 CDT). There is no charge to attend this class (besides any applicable long distance fees). The prerequisite for the class, is that you must read Money and Manifesting by Dyan Garris before the class. The book is $14.99 and if you purchase it from Dyan, she is offering a $3 discount (enter “TELEMM” at checkout on Dyan’s website to claim your discount –

These are the goals that Dyan has for class attendees to come out of class:

  • Equipped with the information you need to move forward
  • Knowing exactly what has been in your way
  • Knowing what to do about these things
  • You will be empowered and ready, willing and able to make the changes you are longing to make
  • Able to make positive changes in your life

Are you ready to move forward. Then let’s go!

Register for the free “Money and Manifesting” Teleclass by sending an e-mail to Space is limited. Register now to reserve your place.

Where & When

The class dates are May 21, 22, and 23rd at 8:00 PM EDT (5:00 PM PDT, 7:00 PM CDT). Each class is 45 minutes in length. This is an interactive class, not a presentation. If you miss a class MP3 downloads will be available. The prerequisite for the class is that you read “Money and Manifesting” by Dyan Garris.

Visit Dyan’s site to order your copy today –

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