Do You Need Guest Posts or Do you Want to Guest Post on Blogs

If you answered that you you want guest bloggers for your blog – the first thing you need to do is to contact me to be added to my virtual tour host mailing list. That will give you a chance to see if the topics of any of our upcoming virtual tours is a fit for your blog. I can be reached at nikki @

The second thing you should do is visit this site –

Welcome to the Blogger Link Up mailing list. I’m Cathy Stucker, a.k.a., the Idea Lady.
You will get one or two emails from me every day, Monday through Friday, with opportunities to get content for your blog or provide content to other bloggers in return for exposure and links. Please respond only if you are a good match for the opportunity. Don’t spam requesters with unrelated offers. And you may not require payment. This is a friendly exchange between bloggers.
If you have a request, just submit it at, and I will send it out to the list within a couple of days.
Request Sources for Interviews:
Offer Products for Review:
BloggerLinkUp is still young and growing, and the best way to make sure that we can all benefit from these leads for a long time to come is to spread the word. The more bloggers we have participating, the greater the opportunities for all of us. Tell your friends about BloggerLinkUp, and recommend that they sign up. Blog about us, Tweet us, or otherwise let everyone know.
Thank you for being a part of BloggerLinkUp!
Cathy Stucker
P.S. If you want to know more about me, you can find links to my blogs, web sites and social media profiles at Follow me on Twitter, friend me on Facebook, and let’s help each other.
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