ARCHIVE – Utopian Frontiers Virtual Tour

Utopian Frontiers may change your perception of the economy, government, technology, the environment and even humanity…

What does the future hold? That is a question that people are asking more and more each day. As the future seems unsure for people around the world, it is a great time to consider what your future holds…

People Who Will Enjoy This Book

  • Science fiction readers
  • anyone interested in the relationship between humankind and technology;
  • people interested in alternatives to current social/political/economic systems.

Some Theme and Topics From Utopian Frontiers

  • Environmental integrity
  • Non-monetary economics
  • Alternative communities
  • The future of humanity

Virtual Tour Schedule

Mon Feb 27 – Wayne Hurlbert shares his review for Utopian Frontiers

Tues Feb 28 – Carolyn Howard Johnson shares details about Utopian Frontiers

Wed Feb 29 – Cheryl Malandrinos shares her interview with the spokesman for Utopian Frontiers –

Thurs March 1 – Charlotte Rains Dixon shares her review for Utopian Frontiers –

Tues March 6 – Phil Harris shares insights into Utopian Frontiers –

Thurs March 8 – Share the opening chapter of Utopian Frontiers –

Mon March 12 – Dee Owens spotlights Utopian Frontiers on her blog with an interview

Wed March 14 – Barry Eva interviews one of the founders of Utopian Frontiers. Learn about the story behind the idea that became the Utopian Frontiers Organization… on A Book and a Chat radio – airing live at 6:30 pm EST or you can listen to or download the MP3 after the show.

Tue March 20 – Jerry Lopper shares his review for Utopian Frontiers on his blog –

Mon March 26 – Dianne Ascroft shares her interview about Utopian Frontiers on her blog –

Tue March 27 – Laurie Sorenson shares her review for Utopian Frontiers –

Wed March 28 – Debra Slover of the Leadership Garden, shares her review for Utopian Frontiers –

Thurs March 29 – Meet one of the founders and creators of the Utopian Frontiers Foundation –

Contact for information about this virtual tour.

About Utopian Frontiers – The Book

What if there was a secret city at work on finding answers to the survival of humanity? Technologies beyond your imagination; a city expanding, recruiting and evolving. There is no government, no money, no bosses, institutions, cars or roads; and age takes on new meaning.

This “facity” is one big research product in and of itself, and nothing else quite like it exists on this Earth. This is the city that Erwin Sharp and his family are drawn into on the fringes of a national park. They fall headfirst down the rabbit hole into a world of space probes, cancer cures, and a core myth that defies belief. They soon realize that some doors are only meant to swing one way. This is a parable of trust and hope–a flashing beacon of hope in a world hell-bent on destroying itself. It is ultimately a story of ambition, of owning up to life, showing up and trading up. In a story that is as controversial as it is reassuring, sometimes it is possible to find something you always hoped existed, and in finding it, you confront your own truth as much as that of the world you live in.

What is inside the mysterious Hall 8, and what does that have to do with Erwin? And how is water the mechanism of peace or destruction? Thick with adventure, revelations and twists, this story shows how what we accept is only that which we’ve been conditioned to accept, and why an ancient Mayan prophesy doesn’t actually mean what you think.

Based on a project created by M.H. Parsons and J.P. Roach –

About Utopian Frontiers Non Profit Organization

UTOPIAN FRONTIERS FOUNDATION is a non profit organization dedicated to developing multi-media works intended to educate and provoke meaningful discourse on global environmental concerns – including the relationship between humankind and technology.

To educate and increase the public’s understanding of the environment and its importance by offering courses, seminars, conferences and meetings and by collecting
and disseminating information on that topic.

Contact to participate in this virtual tour.

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