Hugh Ballou’s Transforming Power Bonus Gifts

Hugh Ballou – author of Transforming Power – is offering a fantastic selection of FREE bonus gifts to people who buy a copy of Transforming Power. We are sharing a partial list of the bonuses that are available, see the information posted below.

Hugh Ballou is touring cyber space from July 28th through the end of August and we are providing a wide variety of information about his book, his background, and the leadership services that he offers.

What Can a Conductor Teach You About Leadership?

How can you compare “being a conductor” with “being a corporate leader”? Visit this page for a comparison of these two occupations and you will see why Hugh Ballou’s 40 years as a choir conductor is invaluable in helping people learn how to become leaders.

Feel free to visit any tour stops to learn more and for the opportunity to ask him questions. To view Hugh Ballou’s tour schedule, visit:

Take a peek at some of the bonus gifts Hugh Ballou is offering to people who buy his new book –

Hugh’s Personal Gifts for Purchasing His Book ($500 value)

Leadership TeleSeminar TRAININGS,

Hugh has carefully selected these trainings from his monthly training series, Leadership TeleSeminar. These lessons will impact you effectiveness as a Transformational Leader iMMEDIATELY! He shares his secrets with YOU to support your success. You will receive the full, professionally formatted transcripts and MP3 files.
A sample 30 minute coaching session with Hugh Ballou is included. ($250 value)

Hugh’s BONUS Gift #1POWERFUL GOAL SETTING: Goal Setting that Works!

This extensive but concise lesson on setting and implementing powerful goals for you and your team will impact your life. These time proven strategies work over and over again for Transformational Leaders around the globe.

Hugh’s Training on Goals – Hugh‘s BONUS Gift #2

BUILDING HIGH PERFORMANCE TEAMS: Solving Conflict Before it Happens!

Hugh has carefully selected these trainings from his monthly training series, Leadership TeleSeminar. Building high performance teams means building the skill set of the leader. This training provides systems and strategies for leading teams and transforming organizations.

The Truth About Making Money on the Internet
By bestselling author Kathleen Gage

Are you tired of all the hype and get-rich-quick nonsense? Learn the Truth about Making Money on the Internet. Learn strategies to attract the kind of clients and business you desire while maintaining a very high level of integrity.

Whether you sell a product or service, write books, speak professionally, consult or run a business, you will discover one of the most powerful strategies to gain massive visibility on the Internet. True Internet experts have been using this information to build successful businesses. Learn strategies that will make you real money, and lots of it, for your efforts.

FREE Book – Super Achiever Mindsets & CEO Space Lifetime Membership Discount – Access to Resources, Team, Capital and MORE!

Save $1000 Off Lifetime Membership! CEO Space would like to congratulate Faculty member Jill Lublin on her newest best selling title and offer all of you a $1000 discount off of a full lifetime membership in CEO Space. CEO Space is an organization Jill used herself to fast track her success and receive business resources, team and capital and encourages all entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners to participate in.a gift of two tickets to our Virtual Courses starting in 2008.

Email Episodes by Author and Entrepreneur Yvonne Perry

For those who missed my humorous reading of Email Episodes on Lillian Brumett’s radio show Authors Read, you can listen now….

I wrote this book when I was going through midlife crisis and raising two teenagers and a few odd house guests. I ended up getting a divorce by the end of the book, and while that is sad, I was in terrible denial. I managed my way through it by using humor as a distraction. It was cheap therapy–what more can I say?

Insider’s Guide to Virtual Blog Tours by Author and Publicist Nikki Leigh

Are you:
an author
a business person with a product or service to promote
conducting a class, teleseminar, etc that you want to promote

Do you want to:
Increase Your Credibility
Increase Your Visibility
Increase Your Revenues

In these days of sky rocketing gas and travel charges, is there a better and more eco-friendly way to promote our books, products and services? Each day we hear the price of gas has hit an “all time high”. We each battle the cost of driving and traveling every day. So, what is an author to do if they want to do a book tour to promote their book? The environmentally friendly answer is – a virtual book tour. There are many benefits to a virtual book tour over a brick and mortar store tour.

These include:
1. Conserve gas
2. Save money
3. Stay home with your family
4. No need to leave your day job
5. Generate a buzz about your book
6. Reach your target audience
7. Create additional links to your site
8. Give people the opportunity to communicate with you

If these benefits are of interest to you, then you need a FREE copy of the Insider’s Guide to Virtual Blog Tours by Nikki Leigh.

Transformational Leadership weekly eZine
A FREE weekly subscription from Jeff Magee, that brings you hands on interactive “cutting” edge Leadership information, technology, facts, and studies ….

Two Sisters Who Conquered the Publishing World

Author and Publicist Arielle Ford Interviews NY Times #1 Bestselling Author, Debbie Ford and How to Start Writing a Book eBook and Audio Recording by Arielle Ford.

If you don’t know where to begin or how to start writing your book, or if you’ve started but can’t seem to build the momentum and stick to a writing schedule, here’s a solution.

Arielle ( has personally written six books and her sister, Debbie ( has written five bestsellers. Together, they guide you through the ins and outs of writing books and getting published.

Arielle has publicized some of the most successful and famous authors in the world including NY Times bestsellers Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dean Ornish, Jon Gordon, Gary Zukav, Louise Hay, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.

Two 45 minute audio recordings and over 45 pages of material.

Does Your Church Have a Prayer? In Mission to the Promised Land

You will receive a free excerpt and a discount coupon to purchase the book as soon as it is released along with a free one-hour teleseminar presented by the authors of this valuable strategic planning guide for church communities.

The National Networker

The National Networker is the world’s first “Consumer Reports of Networking” as well as the “Voice of the Networking Industry”. TNNW is a free, online publication that celebrates the life and times of social and business networkers as well as the many quality organizations and resources that support them. Subscribers from all over the globe read the publication for
a straight, no-hype, no-nonsense, yet positive approach to the world of networking. Whether you’re looking for better networks to build your client base, establish a better peer network, build your knowledge base, find others with similar interests, discover your next job or learn about best practices and trends in the networking industry, TNNW is the publication of
choice worldwide.

10 Top Publicity Leads by Randy Peyser

Randy Peyser provides 10 top publicity leads for getting the word out about your services on the Internet. These leads come from Randy’s “Internet Marketing and Publicity Directory” and are targeted for entrepreneurs, women, or Mind, Body, Spirit audiences.

Ten Cost-Free Ways a Business or Service Can Find New Prospects

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. In fact, it can be fun! Here are ten ways to grow your business that won’t cost a dime–from the author of Principled Profit: Marketing That Puts People First, Grassroots Marketing: Getting Noticed in a Noisy World, and five other books.
Includes a free subscription to Shel’s Monthly Frugal Marketing Tips, published continuously since 1997.

** More Bonuses Will be Added **

More Details Will be Provided Soon – Keep An Eye on Tour Posts About Hugh Ballou and Transforming Power

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