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Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD

A Guide to Staying Brave and Positive During Stressful Times

National bestselling author Judith Orloff MD presents new solutions for dealing with emotions in our hyper-tense world. She invites you to take a remarkable journey, one that leads to happiness, serenity, and a mastery over negativity that pervades daily life. You possess the ability to liberate yourself from worry, anger, and fear. True emotional freedom is closer than you think.

About Judith Orloff, MD

Transforming the face of psychiatry, Judith Orloff, MD is an assistant clinical professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and author of the new international bestseller Emotional Freedom. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality to achieve physical and emotional healing. She passionately asserts that we have the power to transform negative emotions and achieve inner peace. She offers practical strategies to overcome frustration, stress, and worry and teaches people how to quiet overactive minds that won’t shut off.

In August we will taking Emotional Freedom on a virtual tour of cyber space and you are being invited to join us and to learn more about your Emotional Freedom. If you would like to participate – contact nikki @ for more details.

Some of the Topics Discussed in Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff, MD

  • Energy Healing
  • Energy Health
  • Spirituality
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Healing Energy
  • Intuition
  • Positive and Negative Attitudes
  • Positive and Negative Energy
  • Relationships with Victims
  • Relationships with Narcissists
  • Emotional Vampires
  • Emotional Healing
  • Break Your Addiction to Fear
  • Empathy
  • Emotional Empathy
  • Energy Medicine
  • Beyond Traditional Psychiatry

These are just a couple of the videos on Dr Orloff’s YouTube Page –

Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, Dr. Judith Orloff, a unique psychiatrist who views emotions as a path to intuitive healing and spiritual awakening, hits the streets of Los Angeles to ask random people what they think about emotional freedom and what their techniques are. Check out Judith’s new book “Emotional Freedom” at

Author of EMOTIONAL FREEDOM,Dr. Orloff discusses Chapter 5 (Emotional Vampires) of her book–how to protect yourself from narcissists–people who are self-obsessed, lack empathy, and can suck your energy dry. Warning: don’t fall in love with one. Learn more at

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Judith Orloff – Emotional Freedom Virtual Blog Tour

Monday August 3 – Dr Liara Covert, PHD shares an interview with Dr Judith Orloff about her work and her new book Emotional Freedom –

Tuesday August 4 – Yojeved Golani shares information about Dr Judith Orloff and her latest book Emotional Freedom –

Wednesday August 5 – Karen Leland shares an excerpt from Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Thursday August 6 – Yvonne Walus shares an article title Is Empathy Helping or Hurting Your Career by Dr Judith Orloff the author of Emotional Freedom –

Friday August 7 – Therese Borchard shares the article 5 Secrets For Sensitive People To Find Relationships That Work on her blog

Monday August 10 – Mary Anne Brussat shares a review for Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff-

Monday August 10 – Susan Elliott shares her review on the Getting Past Your Past blog –

Tuesday August 11 – Jeff shares a thought to ponder from Emotional Freedom –

Wednesday August 12 – Phil Harris shares the Secret to Serenity by Dr Judith Orloff, Author of Emotional Freedom

Wednesday August 12 – Phil Harris shares Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life by Dr Judith Orloff and learn more about Dr Orloff’s book, Emotional Freedom –

Thursday August 13- Karen Leland shares Can You Disengage From Negative Emotions by Dr Judith Orloff author of Emotional Freedom –

Friday August 14 – Gurutej shares Are You Free by Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom on her blog –

Monday August 17 – Jennifer Jones shares her review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Tuesday August 18 – Marilyn Meredith shares an article by Dr Judith Orloff, author of Emotional Freedom. It is very timely – A Guide to Staying Positive in Stressful Times –

Wednesday August 19 – Yumi Sakugawa shares a review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Thursday August 20 – Carolyn Howard Johnson shares a review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff on her New Book Reviews blog –

Friday August 21 – Dr Susan Corso shares her review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff-

Monday August 24 – Cheryl Malandrinos shares the Are You Emotionally Free Quiz and additional details from Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Monday August 24 – Cheryl Malandrinos shares information about Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Tuesday August 25 – Donna Sundblad shares “Are You An Emotional Vampire” from Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Tuesday August 25 – Susan Corso shares “Too Sensitive? Try Emotional Freedom” from Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Wednesday August 26 – Stephanie Ward shares an article from Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Wednesday August 26 – Nikki Leigh shares her review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Thursday August 27- Jacqueline Wales asks the question – “Are you ready to lose the fear?” Read more and get information about Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Friday August 28 – Nikki Leigh shares her review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Friday August 28 – Stephanie Ward shares her review for Emotional Freedom by Dr Judith Orloff –

Gurutej Presents 4 Kundalini Yoga DVDs – Learn From the Best

Gurutej’s Mental Clarity Tour

Gurutej has a fascinating background and has been helping individuals and businesses for years. I’ve included a long list of the benefits of working with Gurutej – the list is posted below and you could be amazed at the ways she can help you.

From mid November thru mid December, Gurutej will be traveling through cyber space on a virtual tour with Promo 101 Virtual Tours. She will visit blogs, newsletters, radio shows etc that attract people interested in Stress Reduction, Anxiety Relief, Yoga, Health, Healing, Energy, Meditation, Sleep, Success. If your blog discusses these topics, we would like to speak with you about being a host for Gurutej during her tour.

What can you say about a person who knew from a very early age that her destiny lay in leading others to greatness?Creative? Yes. Born leader? Yes again. Free spirited thinker? Yes, yes, yes! She is also direct, funny and full of mischief with bright blue eyes and a wicked smile!

Gurutej Kaur, (known simply as Gurutej), told her mother just that when she was six years old. For over 40 years, Gurutej has been teaching people how to connect to their higher consciousness through yoga, chanting, mediation and healing. Everyday she lives the meaning of her Sikh name, which translates as “the one who brings you from darkness into light at the speed of light.”

In 1969 Gurutej met Yogi Bhajan. Bhajan is credited for having brought Kundalini Yoga here to the United States. As one of his original students, Gurutej emerged as a founding practitioner of Kundalini. Through his instruction and spiritual guidance, Gurutej is considered a foremost authority on Kundalini and internationally recognized as one of a handful of Kundalini Yoga Masters in the World.

(For more of Gurutej’s biography – click here.)

Why the Energy Gurus?

Founded by Gurutej Khalsa, the Energy Gurus offer life enhancing and stress reduction programs—for individual and groups/organizations—that introduce priceless time-tested techniques. They not only help unleash new levels of personal energy, but they also help to better manage it. In turn that generates great benefits and translates into time and money saving.


  • More vitality
  • Greater clarity
  • Productivity boost
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Stress reduction in 60-90 seconds
  • Affects of food on our energy
  • Increased capacity to handle stress
  • Promotes trust within the work place
  • Ability to adjust to change quickly

Small, medium or large, all businesses and organizations can benefit from the services offered by the Energy Gurus.

(For complete information about the Energy Guru programs, click here.)

Gurutej Offers 4 Kundalini Yoga DVD’s

Kundalini Yoga Awakening Intuition for Women

Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity

Kundalini Yoga for Balanced Chakras

Kundalini Yoga for Mental Clarity

About Gurutej

After 36 years of committed service, calling Gurutej a yoga instructor is a little like calling the Hope Diamond – a gem! Through Kundalini Yoga, Gurutej is a teacher in the principals and yogic essence of life.

Recognized worldwide as a Master Yoga Instructor, Gurutej is first and foremost, wholeheartedly committed to rousing community outreach and responding to philanthropic causes. She has sponsored programs to feed the homeless at a Los Angeles area missions, teaches weekly yoga classes at Hamilton High School, (whose diverse student population has to wait almost a year before they move far enough up the list to get into her class), and services her community in many untold ways.

This spring she will appear in the opening episode of a new reality series, scheduled for ABC daytime. She has a soon to be released yoga DVD called, Awakening the Intuition in Women, a pending book titled, A Slice of the Beloved: A Guide of Conscious Couples and created a line of yoga and health related products: all while maintaining a rigorous classroom, retreat and personal engagement schedule. A mere mortal might find this exhausting, but says the beautiful blue eyed, 57 year old, with a smile, “This is what I do!”

Learn more about Gurutej and her work at:

Visit Gurutej’s YouTube page for some great tips –

Feel free to post a comment here or contact me at to discuss ways you can be involved in this tour.

Schedule for The Mental Clarity Tour with Gurutej

Monday November 17 – Let’s kick off Gurutej’s tour by Starting with the Facts –

Tuesday November 18 –Interview with Annie Lawrence –

Wednesday November 19 – Guest post about Ways to Relax –

Thursday November 20 – Dyan Garris asks questions about Kuhdalini Yoga and more

Friday November 21 – Annie Lawrence shares the second part of Gurutej’s interview on her blog today If you missed part one, it is posted here –

Sunday November 23 –

Monday November 24 –

Tuesday November 25 – and

Wednesday November 26 –

Friday November 28 – Guest post about Yoga and flexibility –

Sunday November 30 – Sunday evening at 6:00 PM CT

Monday December 1 – Call-in Number: (347) 215-8201 – 3 pm EST

Tuesday December 2 ––Anxiety-and-Stress-Relievers-you-can-do-Anywhere

Wednesday December 3 –

Thursday December 4 –

Friday December 5 – Alisa Cooper 1 pm PST – A New Spirit of Business – The Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce – – Call in 1-888-235-7374

Monday December 8 – – Show is at 8pm EST- (718) 508-9893

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Tuesday December 9 – Free Spirit blog

Monday December 15 – Co-Creator Radio with Mary Eck – 10-11 am CST –

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