Sponsor – Journey to the Rim of Space and Beyond with the Sarah’s Landing Series

“This sci-fi tale is a perfect blend of fantasy, mystery, and romance work-ing together in a most seductive way. The peaceful setting of this New England coastal village is anything but what it seems. Dark forces are at work breaking down the barriers of two separate worlds. Its rich characters will draw you in as they struggle to find answers to a century old mystery …

Sarah’s Landing is the first in a four part series, and as such leaves the reader begging for more. The characters are real and complex, driven by compassion and loyalty. But where their loyalties lie is another matter. The plot is intriguing and spun in true sci-fi fashion. All the elements of a wondrous tale are here as Elena keeps the reader in suspense from beginning to end.” ~~ Sandy Bernstein-Sour Grapes Magazine Editor***

Is there a connection between the unexplained disappearances of people who vanished ten years before the new millennium—the first space-exploration starship, Earth Star-I, lost in deep space fifty-one years later—and a village situated along the rocky coast of New England, a place out of time, called Sarah’s Landing? Joshua Morgan, the Astronaut /Biologist scratched from the ill-fated flight, is determined to find the answers.

Slowly, almost magnetically he is drawn to Sarah’s Landing. Stories told by the local townspeople of the Founder’s House, and the strange goings-on within, drew him to the site over the objections of his newly found love, a redheaded telepath, named Alexandra McKay. Little does he know his quest will take him to the far reaches of space and to an alien planet no one knows exists.

The first inkling of the alien bond manifests itself in Alexandra’s dreams after his disappearance. She reaches out to Joshua’s friend, Navy Lt. Harry Jacobsen, for help. A quadrangle develops when the main characters, Joshua, Alexandra, Harry, and the alien leader’s daughter are helplessly caught in the entanglement of an affair that spans two different planets light years apart. Joshua discovers that his love for two women, results in the birth of sons—siblings—one from the alien planet, one from Earth, both empowered with mind-linking capabilities.

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