Kissing Class with Dr Ava on The Doctors

For a sneak peek into some of the information in the kissing course from Loveology University – watch Dr Ava on The Doctors in this video clip


Here are some details from the Kissing Course – (in California you can earn CEUs with this course)

  • What Kissing Is
  • Kinds of Kisses
  • History of Kissing
  • Myths of Kissing
  • Preparing for the Kiss
  • The Art of Kissing
  • Kissing Rules
  • What Can be Kissed
  • Kissing Targets
  • G-Love
  • Where to Sneak a Kiss
  • Kissing – How To
  • Tantra Kisses
  • Kissing Positions
  • Kissing All Five Senses
  • Kissing Boundaries
  • Healing Kisses
  • Kissing Fears
  • Kiss-ercise
  • Kissing Games
  • Kissing Concerns
  • Orgasmic Kissing
  • Kissing with Piercing
  • The Hickey Kiss
  • Kissing Crimes
  • Kissing the Genitals

and more……

These are some of the things covered in the course — and the homework is wonderful 🙂

This Course Is For You If:

  • You want to Learn the Art of Tantric Kissing
  • You want to Discover What Can and Should be Kissed
  • You want to Become Skilled at Kissing Positions
  • You want to Know the Secret to Orgasmic Kissing

Welcome to Loveology University’s Kissing Certification Course. Inside you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about the most intimate act of kissing. There’s a lot more to kissing than two lips meeting and by the end of this course, you’ll be an expert on the history of kissing, the latest scientific research, dozens of sexy kissing tips and techniques, games, positions, places to kiss and you’ll discover what your kissing style says about you. Now pucker up for the ultimate kissing experience.

More Details About Becoming a Certified Kisser –

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Virtual Tour to Find The World’s Best Lover Begins January 5th


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CONTEST JUDGING: Beginning on February 10th, 2009 through February 12th, 2009, a panel of judges from Faculty will select the winning Submission based on the judging criteria as follows: (a) 50% Uniqueness, (b) 25% Emotional inspiration and (c) 25% Seduction factor.

PRIZE: The winner will have the choice of a full scholarship for the Certified Loveologist® Love Coaching course at worth $2,000 or $1,000 cash, which will be awarded in the form of a check made payable to the winner. Prize cannot be assigned, transferred, or substituted.

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Live to love, and feel more pleasure by incorporating Loveology into your daily life. Thats the advice Id like to pass along to everyone, says Dr. Ava.


Search For the World’s Greatest Lover

More details coming soon.

I can tell you that you will need to nominate a person for the title “World’s Greatest Lover” and that includes explaining why they deserve the award. Get your keyboards ready.

Dr. Ava Cadell

Loveology University @

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