Honest Scrap Award

I received the Honest Scrap Award today from L Diane Wolfe! It seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and frivolous on a rainy, cold, dreary day.


Below are the guidelines when winning the Honest Scrap award:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!)

2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers who will be brutally honest with their answers

So let’s start with the 10 honest things about myself:

1. Chick flicks usually make me cry, but I really prefer a good drama or thriller

2. When I sit down to watch a movie – I’m usually doing at least 3-5 other things

3. Anyone who knows me now would never believe I was a very quiet and shy child – really 🙂

4. People who belittle others to make themselves look good – drive me nuts

5. People labeling every thing as a “condition” and using that as an excuse to do nothing – drives me nuts.

6. I can spell out loud, but have to start at the beginning of the word. Maybe twice 🙂

7. As a kid I wanted to be an author and a teacher – so teaching others to write and promote would be the final step in reaching those early goals 🙂 Done one, need to do the other.

8. The fact that friends, family and neighbors assume I do nothing all day is irritating – but there is a reason we are warned not to assume things 🙂

9. There are very few things I can eat or drink that don’t make me physically ill – makes meal time a nightmare – but there’s always water and crackers 🙂

10. I’d love to help people realize that sons aren’t more important or valued than daughters, but even in the 21st century there are too many people who feel this way, even in the US and even in my immediate area.

Here are 7 blogs (in no particular order) I believe deserve this award now. Remember, this award is given to those who have the gut to say it as it is, to tell the Honest Scrap:

Dyan Garris


Kathleen Gage

Donna Sundblad

Terry L White

Susan Wingate

Joyce Anthony

Its Here! Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tour Gift Guide

It’s here, the Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tour Gift Guide for 2008. This gift guide makes shopping easy and showcases many people I worked with in 2008. There is a wide variety of products to entertain, teach, and show you ways to improve your business and personal life. If you’re looking for gifts, shop from the convenience of your computer and choose from the many great gift ideas found in the pages of this gift guide.

We are sharing:

  • Young Adult Fantasy – Conor and the Crossworlds Series, Wind walker & Beyond the Fifth Gate
  • Writing Fantasy – Pumping Your Muse
  • Historic Romantic Suspense – Bloodstone Castle, Widow’s Walk, Lady Lightkeeper
  • Contemporary Suspense – Bobby’s Diner, In the Arms of the Enemy & Lilah and the Locket
  • Business – Being A Sales Superstar
  • Promotion – Email Marketing, Book Promo 101, Book Promo 201
  • Management – Transformational Power
  • Money and Manifesting – Other Items in The Spiritual Toolbox
  • Kundalini Yoga DVD’s and Energy Rejuvenating Exercise Flip Charts
  • The Sage Age: Blending Science with Intuitive Wisdom
  • Politics – How Obama Won & The Ethnic Presidency
  • True Story – My Father, My Don: A Son’s Journey From Organized Crime and Sobriety
  • True Story – Vietnam Air Rescues
  • CD’s and DVD by Dyan Garris – Relaxation Music & Automatic Chakra Balance
  • DVD’s by Gurutej – Kundalini Yoga, Energy Exercise Flip Charts and Chakra Pillows
  • Travel Through Time with Terry L White – she offers a wide variety of books

You easily download your free copy of the gift guide at www.nikkileigh.com/gift_guide_2008.htm. If you have questions, you can contact Nikki at nikki@nikkileigh.com

Meet the Promo 101 Virtual Tour Coordinators

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the people behind the scenes. Following you will learn more about what we do.

Nikki Leigh – Tour Coordinator
Owner Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours & Publicist
Award Winning & Best Selling Fiction & Non Fiction Author

Nikki Leigh began as an idea in a teenager’s mind. At about 14, she wanted to be an author and she wanted to write under the name Nikki Leigh. It took over 20 years, but she eventually “became” Nikki Leigh. She is from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

“I want to convey time, place and character details to my readers. I choose my settings carefully and want people to understand what the setting and history contributes to the story.”

Her love of the coast, history and lighthouses is apparent in her stories. On a trip to Cape Ann with her brother, Chris, she found the location for the Misty Cove series. The rugged land, hard working people and rich history were too compelling to ignore. Cape Ann and Gloucester, Massachusetts are featured in Stormy View, Widow’s Walk (Book One), Lady Lightkeeper (Book Two) and Stormy Shores.

“My first mystery, Lilah and the Locket, is set along the Outer Banks of NC and literally at the base of Cape Hatteras. There is extensive local history and color woven into the story. I did that to help convey the time and place to readers. Other local events will be featured in upcoming books in the Outer Banks series.”

She owns a consulting and promotional business under her real name. Shri has 21 years of business management and 17 years of marketing experience. This knowledge was used to create books and articles for business managers. This experience is valuable to her business and promotional clients. She has four business and restaurant books in print. Visit http://www.nikkileigh.com/biz_books_4_sale.htm for full details. Her business website is www.sandcconsulting.com

Book Promo 101 – Basics of Book Promotion and Book Promo 201 – Use Web 2.0 and the Internet to Promote are Nikki’s latest books. She created these to share her promotional background with authors. Promo 101 includes tips and suggestions to help the beginning book promoter or the more experienced promoter to build a solid foundation for their promotional work. There are review questions at the end of each chapter to help the author to learn more. Promo 201 reveals many details about how to use social networks, social bookmarking, book trailers, podcasting, blogs, branding and much more, including hundreds of free internet resources. For details about the promotional services that Nikki offers, visit her promotional services page – www.nikkileigh.com/promo.htm.

Promo 101 http://www.nikkileigh.com/book_promo_101.htm
Promo 201http://www.nikkileigh.com/book_promo_201.htm

Donna Sundblad –
Promo 101 Virtual Tours – Tour Coordinator
Donna is an editor for a several sites, is a freelance writer and a published author.

Donna Sundblad enjoys life as a wife, mother, and grandmother. She’s the eldest of seven and the great-great granddaughter of a Native American named Little Beetle. Little Beetle’s people were a blend of Chippewa and Mingo and lived in West Virginia. She decided to leave her culture and took on the name Ida M. Biddle. When she married a white fur trader named Marshall Prickett, their joining was not accepted by either culture, but they forged a new life together.

Donna’s love of family, belief in God, interest in her Native American heritage and her love of fantasy and science fiction all influence her writing. Her fertile background shines through her YA fantasy novel Windwalker which opens hundreds of years in the past when the Stygian race welcomes the pale-skinned, diseased-riddled Jonnick to their shores despite prophetic warnings of future harm to the Land and their culture. Neither side is aware of the concealed powers of darkness that disembark with the refugees. Subsequent generations of conflict draw deep lines of division between the two cultures, neither aware that the spirit of the Mage lives within the Jonnick queen.

“What’s fun for me,” Donna says, “is that both of my fantasy novels came about through following the prompts and exercises found in my creative writing book, Pumping Your Muse.”

Her second novel, Beyond the Fifth Gate, due out in September 2008 and features her first female protagonist who races against time to journey though five mystical gates to return to her homeworld to free her people from the bondage of a conquering race of incectoids.

Donna also writes inspirational non-fiction and is published in several anthologies including Life Savors published by Tyndale. Her articles have also appeared in The Writer Magazine, You and Me – America’s Medical Magazine, and more. Her varied freelance career also includes work as a regular contributor and site editor at LoveToKnow, and responsibilities as the Fantasy Topic Editor at Inspired Author. She serves as a Tour Coordinator for Promo 101 Virtual Blog Tours and is the Senior Non-Fiction Editor and a Senior Fantasy Editor at ePress-online. A transplanted Midwesterner, she now lives in rural NW Georgia where she enjoys life with her husband, gardening and learning more about the local wildlife.

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