Background About the Cape Hatteras Area From Nikki Leigh, Fiction Author

Join me at the Legendary Lighthouse blog — where background information about the Cape Hatteras National Seashore is shared. This is some of the information that I used as the basis for Lilah and the Locket — the first book in my Cape Hatteras mystery series. The sequel to Lilah and the Locket is in the initial planning phase 🙂

I’m also sharing the cover art for Lilah. A friend of mine painted this picture of Lilah and the base of the Cape Hatteras lighthouse. I “bribed” her with a ticket to go with me to see the Rolling Stones in concert — little did we now there would be a bomb scare that night, the band was removed from the UVA stadium and the show was finished during a torrential storm. No limit to the interesting background for this book 🙂

Nikki Leigh

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Getting So Much Done

Just had to drop in for a minute to let you know what I’ve been doing 🙂 I’m getting so many things done that I wanted to do – but couldn’t find the time.

I have a blog that was created just to promote my novel – Lilah and the Locket ( and it generates hits on my website every month. But I wanted a blog where I could blog about the next book in the series – you’re welcome to take a look and get a sneak peak at my next novel –

I also have wanted to move the author promotional interviews to a new blog and since I learned how to export and import blog content on Blogger — its very easy and quick — that gave me the perfect tool to move those interviews –

Then, I’ve noticed that there will be many things that I want to add to Book Promo 201 – but that would hold up the release of the book forever – so what about creating a blog where I can post new things as I discover them. The blog will be a great follow up resource for people who buy either of my books and could entice people to buy the books in the future 🙂 This blog will contain my promotional articles, some announcements and follow up promotional tips and articles —

Next – I need a blog to promote the Misty Cove Series — will keep you posted about that one.

Nikki Leigh

Join Nikki Leigh at Coffee TImes Blog

I wanted to invite you to visit me at Coffee Times blog today. I’m posting some information about fictional settings, and the settings for each of my fictional series. One post gives information about Cape Ann, Massachusetts and another post gives background information about the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Many of the details I provide in these posts are woven into the books. Feel free to drop by and say hi or comment –

I’ll be dropping in throughout the day to say hi and to answer questions.

Nikki Leigh

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