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Social Media Marketing Set Up

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By Nikki Leigh

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Th This is a list of some of the benefits of social media marketing –

  1. Generating global sales
  2. Building relationships is an important part of the social media puzzle
  3. Generate a buzz about your business and products
  4. Reach your target audience
  5. Get information about you and your business to many people
  6. Create links back to your site, blog etc – we bookmark your website pages & articles
  7. Let customers & potential customers to learn more about you, your business & products
  8. Help online visitors get to know the person behind the business or other product
  9. Search engines love blogs & social sites. Your information gets to search engines quick
  10. Give people the opportunity to communicate with you through the various sites
  11. Comments can give you the chance to see what your social sites are thinking
  12. Build credibility and increase visibility

I set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, MySpace, Plaxo and others. The bigger sites have more detailed profiles with pictures, video, and other information based on your set up questionnaire. Profiles include bio, description, pictures, website links and other details.

Social Networks That Can Be Included in This Plan

TwitterFacebookGTalk StatusPlurkMySpace LinkedIn TumblrIdenti.caBrightkiteFriendFeedBloggerPlaxo Pulse RejawDeliciousFriendsterYahoo KoornkDiigoMultiply FlickrUtterliimeemseesmic and more

Set up a basic account on other networks – all good exposure. The list above is extensive and posting “updates” to each is automated when set up in complete.

Set up automation – this lets you enter a short post (update) and submit to 30-40 sites at once. This is free now and we can post blog information through this service. Each time something new is added to a blog – it is “blasted” to your social sites automatically including a link back to your blog. This works with the sites listed above and they add new sites from time to time.

Once your automation is ready – we set up an email address – basically you send one short email and an update is sent to each of your accounts through this site. This is used to announce blog posts, any other events or information that you want to announce to people.

Update Examples: A couple of examples of something that can be circulated to your contacts.

“FREE Teleseminar with xxxxxxxxxxx – Wed at 7 pm PST –

“New Release from Author – For more details, visit

To make these sites work well you need friends or followers. These connections make your social presence more effective. Friends see the information posted on your profiles. For example – some clients have over 10,000 people with access to the information posted for them (so far).

We can maintain all emails generated by these sites. Important emails – such as interview and media requests are forwarded to you. You have log in information to access this account.

This initial set up takes 1 month to complete all profiles with full information. We set up the 30-40 sites affiliated with this automation and several other useful sites. If you choose to extend this service, these profiles can be maintained and we can build up your friends and followers to expand your social reach.

This automation is to help you have a more consistent and active presence, however you still need some regular personal involvement on social networks. This will enable you to be in touch on a larger scale than you can do by visiting individual social sites to post updates.

We can add setup and establishment or expansion of a YouTube channel where your videos can be uploaded. We upload your videos to 10-20 video sharing sites including some of your social media profiles. We offer a service that expands your friends and subscribers using your keywords.

These are the most popular packages, but we can compile a proposal for smaller packages to suit most budgets. Details for smaller packages are coming soon. If you are interested in a smaller package – contact nikki @ to discuss the options.

30-40 Site Setup with Posting and Blog Automation – $650/month – 2 month minimum ** (Includes 60 minute one-on-one consultation to learn how to optimize this setup.)

(Add YouTube and distribution set up of up to 5 individual videos – $350)

Extensive Customized Social Media Setup, Automation and Branding Options for YOU

Extensive Social Media Site Setup with Update and Blog Automation and Including Additional Online Promotional and Branding Options Chosen Specifically to Brand You and to Reach Your Online Promotional Goals – $1000/month – 2 month minimum (Prices vary depending on your goals and timeframe – but we can create a customized plan for most budgets.)

** (Includes 1 – 60 minute one on one consultation to learn to optimize this promotional campaign. YouTube and 1 additional month is recommended to collect friends and expand your reach on the networks.)

** We choose the sites to be setup based on your business, your target audience and automation we use.

**** The information above gets your social media presence established and to start building your friends. Once this is completed, we can discuss monthly service options. We can also discuss periodic updates on your profiles for your business changes and additions etc.

****** We also offer additional one on one consultations or group consultations to teach you or your team to use these promotional tools. Please contact Nikki to discuss details.

Feel free to direct any questions to Nikki @

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