Blogs – What, Why and How

In the 21st century, it’s no longer optional to have a blog. All authors need to have a blog to promote their books. To get started, you can easily set up a blog on or, each of these services offer free blogs and you follow the directions on their sites to start blogging in minutes. Over time you can learn ways to fine tune your blog and to customize the layout or you can hire someone to set up a blog and to teach you the best ways to use that blog to promote.

What is a blog?

Originally a blog was simply a way to communicate with friends. However, blogs are a great way for authors to build a brand and establish a promotional platform for their books. You can use a blog to help potential readers get to know the author behind the book and to learn more about the books you write. Think of it as a cyber sales person who is representing you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What is your cyber salesman saying about you and your books?

How to use a blog?

A blog can include information about your writing, how you write, how you develop story ideas and why you’re qualified to write your books. Non fiction authors can use their blog to build their credibility with potential readers. Take the opportunity to show people that you have something and why you have the background and knowledge to help them. Fiction authors can share insider details about their books, the characters, the setting and many other parts of their books. You can also share writing and promotional tips with others.

Promote your blog.

Just starting a blog is not enough. Once you have a blog and once you start blogging on a regular basis (at least 2-3 short or long blog posts per week), you need to list your blog in blog directories. Two or the many directories include: and . Your blog address should be listed on your author business cards, linked to your website and listed in your email signature block. These are a bare minimum of the places where you should list your blog address. It is also very good to register your blog with or and place a subscription block so that interested readers can subscribe to your blog. This means that they will be notified about each of your future blog posts. It’s a great way to stay in touch with interested readers.

This is only the beginning of your blogging journey, but it will get you started and will help you to start getting the word out to your potential readers. If you like the idea of having a blog, but you want to speak to someone about setting up a blog and teaching you how to use and promote it, feel free to contact me for details about my blog consulting service.

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