Call In and Talk with Author Kevin Gerard

Don’t miss Kevin Gerard, author of Conor and the Crossworlds series, as he stops by to talk with Nikki Leigh on Promo 101 Create and Promote Blog Talk Radio, November 25 at 3:00 EST. Kevin will talk about his Conor and the Crossworlds young adult fantasy series. Book Three has just been released and Books Four and Five are in the works. Join Kevin and Nikki to learn more about the work of a young adult fantasy author. He welcomes your questions during the show. Call in number is (347) 215-8201. Callers are entered for a chance to win a copy of his book.

Visit Kevin’s website where you can download a free Conor and the Crossworlds ebook and keep tabs on the upcoming release of Surviving an Altered World which is due out in December. In it Conor and Janine watch in horror as a powerful warrior sent by the Circle of Evil destroys their world and imprisons everyone they know. The Lady of the Light explains that she and her kind deposited the five keys of the creators on different worlds just before the chaos began. If Conor and Janine can recover the keys, the Crossworlds will be restored.

Join in the hunt for the keys by clicking on the contest video on his website to learn the exciting details regarding The Hunt for the Five Keys of the Creators. The contest begins in January.

For more information about Kevin Gerard and his virtual tour, check the schedule at

Amazon Link for Conor and the Crossworlds

For more information on Kevin Gerard, visit his website

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Fee Sampler Provides Maps for Radio Interview

On Monday, August 18th, Nikki Leigh is interviewing author Dave Richardson to talk about his book, Vietnam Air Rescues at 3:00 EST. Call-in Number: (347) 215-8201. On Monday, August 25, she’ll interview Dave Richardson (the helicopter pilot) again and Kenny Fields (the last man he rescued). Both shows will be great and be there with them live.

Make sure to download a free sampler from Dave’s book before the show. The sampler includes excerpts from Dave’s book and the complete first rescue. You might want to have the sampler while you listen to these interviews because it has a couple of maps that will help you see what’s happening. The sampler can be downloaded at

On Tuesday, Dave stops by Words From Justin M. Kolenc Sailor turned writer. with an in-depth question and answer time on Dave’s life, his book and more. So much great information to share and the book is very good. If you would like to

Visit Dave’s website for all kinds of pictures and to get your own personal copy of this very personal story from Dave Richardson –

Amazon Link for Vietnam Air Rescues:

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Tune in as a Former Combat Marine Hosts Author of Vietnam Air Rescues

Tomorrow, August 13, is a special stop on author Dave Richardson’s Vietnam Air Rescues virtual blog tour. You can hear him at Reverend Don‘s Blog Talk Radio show – 9:00 AM (PST) Call in number (347) 326-9387. The host Reverend Don is a former Combat Marine who served in the Vietnam War. Family members of Veterans encouraged to listen and share.

On August 14, catch up with Dave Richardson at In Detail with Nikki Leigh – In Detail with Nikki Leigh where you’ll get to learn the details that brought this book about.

Feel free to ask questions or leave a comment at every stop on the tour to increase your chances to win a copy of this exciting book.

We’ve also posted an excerpt from the book to share Dave’s first rescue – visit

Amazon Link for Vietnam Air Rescues:

For more information on Dave Richardson, visit his website

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Authors Read Hosts Award Winning Jim Musgrave

Tune in to Authors Read Blog Talk Radio at 12:00 noon EST, July 28, to hear award winning author, Jim Musgrave’s short story “The Betting Man”.

Before or after the show, take a moment to download Jim Musgrave’s free sampler of his book, The President’s Parasite and Other Short Stories This sampler will whet your appetite for more of his thought provoking short stories. You can find his book at Amazon when your ready for the main course.

Amazon Link for President’s Parasite:

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