Before the Scalpel by Panchali Dhar (Table of Contents)

Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know About Anesthesia

by Panchali Dhar, MD

The decision has been made: you are going to have surgery. You’ve met with your surgeon. You have a good idea what will happen during the operation. But how much do you know about the anesthesia?

Below is the table of contents to give you an idea of the topics that we are covered in the book.

Table of Contents


Anesthesia: The Art of Comfort
1. At the helm: the anesthesiologist
2. Choices, choices: tools of the trade

It’s Showtime! What to Expect
3. The countdown: diving in
4. Clean and serene: the operating room
5. Watching over you: monitors and measures
6. The recovery room: wake up and feel better
7. The “ouch” factor: controlling pain

Special Topics
8. Nips and tucks: repair, restore, rejuvenate
9. Weighty matters: what about the heavy patient?
10. Labor of love: enjoy childbirth
11. The smallest breaths: when your child needs anesthesia
12. Smile! Dentistry and oral surgery
13. The “ick” factor: post-operative nausea and vomiting
14. Awake? Aware? Taking care

References and Tools
Anesthesia through the ages
Everyday medications used for anesthesia

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