Ponder Mission Alpha by Eugenia Oganova

Ponder Mission Alpha by Eugenia Oganova. Jeff from Ponder Central read Awakening the Harmony Within and was so enthusiastic Mission Alpha by Eugenia Oganovaabout the book and the information Eugenia shared, that I asked if he would like to read Mission Alpha too. Mission Alpha is Oganova’s other book – which is a step beyond Awakening the Harmony Within and it is a must read for people who want to plunge into the topics on a far deeper level.

Check out what he has to say here – http://pondercentral.com/2013/12/05/ponder-on-this-for-friday-december-6th-2013-by-eugenia-oganova-in-mission-alpha.aspx

Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create With Spirit by Eugenia Oganova delves much deeper and eliminates the fluff you find in so many books on these topics.  For people who want to make a dramatic change in their lives and want the full details on how to make that happen – this is a must have book. For more information about Eugenia Oganova and her work – visit http://eugeniaoganova.com/ and to get your copy today – http://www.amazon.com/Awakening-Harmony-Within-Create-Spirit/dp/0979381711/

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