Learn More About Mingmei Yip’s Writing Habits

Serena shares a guest post about Mingmei Yip’s writing habits and writing space http://savvyverseandwit.com/2013/07/writing-space-of-mingmei-yip.html

Come along with an ex spy as she returns to Shanghai where she’s a wanted woman – but she has to search for her baby and her lost lover. Is her baby really alive? Will she be able to find her lover? Can she elude the police long enough to find them? Learn much more about Nine Fold Heaven and Mingmei Yip at http://www.mingmeiyip.com and get your copy of this exciting and exotic novel at http://www.amazon.com/The-Nine-Fold-Heaven-Mingmei/dp/0758273541/.

Nine Fold Heaven is part of a series about Camilla the songbird and female spy – you can also read Skeleton Women, the first book about Camilla. http://www.amazon.com/Skeleton-Women-Mingmei-Yip/dp/B00D9TPPCW

Nine Fold Heaven by Mingmei Yip

Nine Fold Heaven by Mingmei Yip

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