Review of Time Fall by Tim Ashby

Angie Mangino shares her review for Time Fall by Tim Ashby on her blog – Fall by Tim Ashby

Filled with historically accurate details, Time Fall is a complex military tale that keeps readers riveted through every surprising twist. Read an excerpt and to enter to win a FREE copy of Time Fall, visit For your copy, visit You can also get your copy at all major book retailers.

Interview with William Hefferan at American Chronicle About JOBS

Interview with Dr William Hefferan, author of JOBSHow the United States Can Reach Long-Term Full Employment on

Jobs and unemployment concerns are definitely some of the biggest issues facing the United States at this time. If you would like more information about JOBS by Dr Hefferan or about his organization – Wisdom in the Streets, please visit his website Order your copy of JOBS, How the United States Can Reach Long-Term Full Employment today –

Part Two of the Ready for Love Radio Interview with Gurutej Khalsa

Nikki Leigh, Love and Relationship Coach, interviews Gurutej about the 11 Moon Centers in a woman’s life. This is a 2 part interview – today is the second part which deals with the moon centers and how they impact a woman’s life. The second part deals with how understanding the moon centers and how they affect a woman – can make a real and positive difference in a man’s life.


If you are a woman, knowing about The Moon Centers gives you power over your negative emotions. If you are a man, it gives you the key to understand women of all ages. You learn to listen to the voice of their emotions. Women – we can have control over those crazy emotional times in our lives. For more information, visit –

Dr. Ronald Alexander Shares Insight

Joyce Anthony shares a video titled “Be Your Own BFF & Learn How to Get Over Your Inner Critic” from Ronald Alexander, author of Wise Mind Open Mind, on her blog

About Wise Mind, Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss, and Change – In his groundbreaking book, Wise Mind, Open Mind pioneering psychotherapist, Dr. Ronald Alexander shares his innovative program for using mindfulness meditation, creative thinking, and positive psychology to transform times of crisis or change into opportunities for greater personal awareness, clarity, and creativity.  His original three-step plan includes, learning to let go of resistance to change, learning to tune in to your soul’s deep wisdom or core creativity; and then learning how to move forward based on your newly acquired insight.

Ronald Alexander, Ph.D. is the author of the widely acclaimed book, Wise Mind, Open Mind: Finding Purpose and Meaning in Times of Crisis, Loss, and Change. He is the Executive Director of the OpenMind Training® Institute, practices mindfulness-based mind-body psychotherapy and leadership coaching in Santa Monica, CA for individuals and corporate clients ( For full details about the Wise Mind, Open Mind virtual blog tour, visit


Amazon Best Seller Campaign Preview Call on Thursday Feb 26th

Kathleen Gage is presenting another FREE call to share information about her Amazon Bestseller class. I took this class last month and could not believe how much I learned. Now consider that I’ve been involved with a good number of these and I still learned a lot.

If you want to know EXACTLY how you can set yourself up for success with your book… this may be the most important teleclass you’ll ever attended. This class isn’t just about how to get your book to seller startus, but it explains the reasons why you want to be a bestseller (in addition to sale) and what you can do with that status. The preview call is packed with information and I know from working with authors every day, that many of them have no idea what an Amazon campaign is, how it works and the reasons why a person would do one of these campaigns.

If you hire a professional to do this campaign for you – it can easily cost you at least $15,000. So, don’t you think it would be worth 1 hour of your time to learn more about how to create one of these campaigns yourself?

If you are an author or if you have a business or specialty and are thinking about writing a book – you should be on this free call. If you aren’t famliar with Amazon Best Seller campaigns, this is a great opportunity to hear an expert explain what the campaign is, how it works and why you could consider doing one of these campaigns.

The free preview call takes place on February 26th from 6 – 7 p.m. EST. To register for the call and to learn more, visit

Increase Author Credibility

Fiction authors need to consider the unlimited options people have when they want to buy books. Years ago people had fewer options. When readers wanted to buy a book, they had to drive to a store to make the purchase. Sometimes, a person could drive to several stores in order to compare items. Along with the internet and skyrocketing gas prices, those days are almost forgotten.

Internet promotion needs to include your credibility in order to attract customers and convert their visit into a sale. In the twenty first century, many people shop online with the click of a mouse. This has changed how people view the places where they shop. So, we need to evaluate our online promotional credibility.

How to Develop Author Credibility

Author credibility is not instantaneous, but it can be built over time. Here are some suggestions to speed up the process.

Borrowing Credibility – Did you raise your eyebrow when you read that? Joint ventures are a wonderful way to “borrow” credibility. Establish a promotional partnership with a business that has established their credibility. This helps people view you in a more positive light. Even though you are working with someone else, continue to build your own credibility. Keep in mind that the opposite is also true. If you work with a questionable company, that can hurt your credibility.

Honest Communication Helps Author Promotion

Open and Honest – Let website visitors know how to find you if there are questions or problems. A woman I know said that she hid her email address to make people work for it. That is not a good way to build your credibility. If you don’t want to circulate your home address or personal email, then rent a post office box and set up a business email. The important thing is to make it possible for people to contact you. When potential readers contact you, answer their concerns and questions in a timely manner.

Policies – Does your publisher accept returns? Do you accept returns? If so, what are the requirements? These details need to be posted clearly on your website. It may be best to include it on your order page. These details can be especially important to bookstores and other retail outlets. But, posting these details is not enough, you must abide by them.

Tell Readers About The Author’s Credentials

Show Off – Do you have a long list of publishing credits? Do you have special skills and experience that make you “the perfect person” to write these stories? Include this information on your website. If you write spy thrillers and you worked in a related field, mention that. Any strong background that would apply to your books should be made known. This information about your background will increase your credibility. Share your insights and experience with your website visitors. You can also share this information on message boards and forums. When you post messages, include your website link in your signature block. Publish articles to share this information and include your name and website link at the bottom. Include links to these articles on your website so that your regular visitors can learn from your knowledge too.

Talk About Your Team – Do you work with someone else who brings special experience to the project? A wonderful example of this is the writing team of Jefferson Bass. I have to mention that I met Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson in the spring of 2006. They are very nice people and a talented writing team. Jon Jefferson has a wonderful way with words and Dr. Bass brings his knowledge as a world renowned forensic anthropology to their fiction and non fiction works. The realism in Jon’s writing and the authentic forensic details certainly add to their credibility. While not everyone has the opportunity to work with such qualified individuals, we can focus on our specific qualifications. It you earned any recognition or awards, share the details. This is your chance to brag.

Testimonials – I mention this to many people. When you have satisfied customers, ask them to write a simple testimonial. It’s always good to have other people telling your potential customers about your wonderful product and service. When these are submitted, be sure to add them to your website.

All of these things help you build credibility with customers and website visitors.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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