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A year or so ago, I created a “sampler” for authors at Wings Epress to use in special promotional days where five authors were featured each month. My suggestion was to create an e-book to offer all readers who participate in the special days. This would give everyone something to take home and it would also provide the opportunity to give a simple promotional plug for the other authors who will participate in the following months.

When I started getting feedback from other authors, I realized this would be a nice item to create for other authors and almost any business owner.

I’m figuring the costs to create a custom product for other authors or businesses. This would be a great giveaway for authors who have multiple books in publication or authors who have various short stories they would like to share with their readers. You could sell this item or offer it as a way to entice new readers to buy your books.

To see samples of my promotional e-books – check the links below.

I’m using an introductory price starting at $75 per ebook – but the final price depends on how much information you want to include. If you have special ideas and information that you would like to incorporate into a Custom Promotional Creation for your business or your books, feel free to contact me at and we can discuss some options.My goal is to make this a PERSONAL and CUSTOM creation that will reflect you and your style.

I have several promotional e-books. There is one for each of my Nikki Leigh series and one for my business books. These are very easy to email, can be linked to a blog page for download or they can be burned to CD to make a very nice promotional piece for you. They are great to send to bookstores or other businesses that you want to consider your book.

Mine include the following information

The cover art and title
The table of contents
The Introduction (if applicable)
Chapter 1
Setting Information and Pictures (for novels)
Author Bio
Character Details (for novels)
Details about each book in the series
One page to promote each other book
Contact informationSeveral sample articles that are relevant to the book Information about services the author offers

A couple of testimonials for the author

Several book reviews

Links to videos by the author

Almost any thing can be included in these e-books

The possibilities of what to include and what to promote are unlimited. What would you like to promote with a promotional e-book? I’d love to talk with you about what you would like to promote. You can contact me at

Click these links to see some of my samplers –

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Cape Hatteras Mystery Series by Nikki Leigh

Business Books by Shri Henkel

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Vietnam Air Rescues by Dave Richardson

Power of Your Child’s Imagination by Charlotte Reznick

Wings Publishing Company – New Releases December 2005

Insider’s Guide to Virtual Book Tours

Nikki Leigh Promotional Services

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