Online Credibility Building Campaigns

We do virtual tours for all types of authors and businesses. A virtual tour is one part of our credibility building campaigns and we use many steps in our credibility campaigns. The internet continues to grow every day and the majority of people in business – whether they are authors or other business people – understand they need a solid and active internet presence. But, they also need to understand how to utilize the internet – or it can be a big waste of their time. At the bottom of this point – you will see some of the things I feel are the benefits of utilizing social media in your promotional efforts.

Our credibility building campaigns includes

  • setting up, optimizing and/or expanding your social media presence
  • automate your presence to save time while you stay active on your social media sites
  • setting up and/or optimizing your blog and developing a strategy for your blog
  • extensive keyword and competing website analysis to focus on the best performing keywords
  • discussing a YouTube channel and setting up if needed
  • discussing an online radio show on BlogTalkRadio and setting up if needed
  • a virtual tour for you and your product or service
  • and much more

In addition to just setting up social media and YouTube accounts, we reach out to people in your target audience to build your friends/followers/connections. Accounts with few friends are not nearly as effective as accounts with a lot of friends. This is the very short description of our credibility building program, but these are customized based on what each person/business needs, their goals, and how much personal instruction they need to understand how to use social media – to name just a few factors that we consider.

With these campaigns we can do as much or as little as you need. Training you to understand how to use these sites – is also part of the campaign. Depending on your needs – this is usually a 4-6 month campaign to give time to implement the elements of this foundation, expand and automate your presence along with training you how to use this presence. Feel free to contact me for more details.

For more information – contact

Each of these campaigns is customized to meet your needs.

This is a list of some of the benefits of social media marketing –

  1. Generating global sales – although this should not be your primary reason to include social media
  2. Building relationships is an important part of the social media puzzle
  3. Generate a buzz about your business and products
  4. Reach your target audience
  5. Get information about you and your business to many people
  6. Create links back to your site, blog etc – we bookmark your website pages & articles
  7. Let customers & potential customers to learn more about you, your business & products
  8. Help online visitors get to know the person behind the business or other product
  9. Search engines love blogs & social sites. Your information gets to search engines quick
  10. Give people the opportunity to communicate with you through the various sites
  11. Comments can give you the chance to see what your social sites are thinking
  12. Build credibility and increase visibility

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