Promo Services

Promo 101 Offers a Variety of Social Media and Web 2.0 Services

What Type of Services Will Help You?

Are you…

  • An Author with a book to promote
  • A Business Person with a book, product or service to promote
  • A Speaker with a book, business or service to promote

Do You Want To:

  • Increase Your Visibility
  • Increase Your Credibility
  • Expand Your Online Reach
  • Reach Out to Your Target Audience
  • Increase Your Revenues

If you are interested in any services that you don’t see listed here – contact and we can talk. There is no way to list everything we do – but these pages will give you some examples of the things we do…

One on One – Targeted Social Media Consultations (Details coming soon)

Group Targeted Social Media Consultations (Details coming soon)

Virtual Blog Tours – to Promote Books, Products, Services or Businesses

Social Media Set Up, Expansion, Automation and Training

Online Credibility Building Campaigns

Have Your Own Internet Radio Show (details below)

Customized Ebooks to Promote Your Books

Blog Creation, Optimizing and Blog Counseling

Creation of a Book Blog (details below)

Editing and Book Doctor Services (details below)

Download Your Copy of the Insider’s Guide to Virtual Tours

Have Your Own Internet Radio Show

Build your credibility, increase your exposure and have people coming to you to be interviewed on your own radio show. With this service – I set up your Blog Talk Radio show and teach you how to optimize your show and how to promote the show to get maximum exposure. You are on your way to being an internet radio personality.

Customized Ebooks to Promote Your Books

Take a look at the promotional e-book information and visit this page to download your own copies of these e-books. The link to download these e-books will be emailed to you. I’ve used these to promote my books, created them for clients and have used this technique to show the content of several of my ghostwriting projects. They are a simple way to get information about your books into the hands of potential readers, booksellers, libraries, publishers or anyone else. You can also post information about these e-books on any and all free e-book directories on the interview to get massive free exposure for your books.

Blog Creation, Optimizing and Blog Counseling

Do you need a blog? I feel that every author needs a blog or two and especially authors who don’t have a website. So, I guess the question should be, do you have a blog or do you need one? There are ways to optimize your blog, customize your blog and tips to help you get better results on your blog. These are all things that I can do for you. I can also work with you one on one to customize the blog and that gives you the knowledge to make updates and changes to the blog appearance and information that you can promote on the blog. Or, I can do it for you. If you would like to see some of the things I’ve done on my blogs, the full list is on my profile page –

Creation of a Book Blog

I was looking for an easy way to create an online presence to promote individual books or a series of books. That’s when the “book blog” was born. The idea was to create one blog centered on one book or a series and I would only update the blog if there was new information about the book. This is a link to the blog I created for Lilah and the Locket – Cape Hatteras 1954 – Since I need to keep the blog active, I’ll post some reviews and I’m planning a sequel so there will be news about that book as well. It could be used to promote a new release and simply use the link in your email signature block or on your website. The blog will be created and optimized for you. The fee for this service depends on the number of pages that you want to use.

Editing and Book Doctor Services

I have done editing work and I can work with an author to clean up their manuscript before it is submitted to publishers or agents. However, the work I really enjoy is working with the author to find problem areas, give advice on ways to make the story even better. I was amazed when I realized just how much a “fresh set of eyes” can find in a book that has been working on again and again. For over 4 years, I’ve working with authors to find ways to make their book better – that can include flow of the story, character consistency and development, setting consistency and development and much more. Editing fees begin at $2 per 250 word page. Book doctoring normally starts at $6 per 250 word page – the rate depends on the type of work your manuscript needs. I can take a look at the manuscript and give you an estimate.

We are always interested in talking about new and interesting promotional possibilities.


4 Responses

  1. […] engaged Nikki Leigh, founder of Promo 101, to conduct this tour for me.  It’s like a book tour, only it all takes place online, and […]

  2. Hey Nikki…. I am ramping up Artichoke Press LLC to publish for other people. We now have 23 books on Amazon (some under pen names) but we do not want to do the editing. Let’s talk about joining forces and really hitting the airwaves.

    I will give away “Out of Balance? Be a Bounce Back Person” to this book launch. I also write terrific reviews.

    Still waiting for the blog post from “the Reality of ESP”

    Talk soon, Judy Helm Wright

  3. Hi Nikki, I just published a memoir entitled: The Mercenary Naturalist. It has garnered a few reviews on Amazon, but I need more. I understand that you can supply me with a list of Amazon reviewers that address the memoir, environmental, and adventure subject areas. Please let me know how I can obtain these lists.

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