Sacrifice at Sea by Susan Wingate

Its winter in the US and at the moment its very cold outside – so this is the perfect time for an Sacrifice at Sea - Susan Wingateocean getaway. Award winning author Susan Wingate has just the answer – her latest book and the third installment in the Bobby’s Diner series – Sacrifice at Sea. She is doing a virtual tour and we are on the lookout for bloggers or newspaper owners who would like to do reviews or author and book spotlights and radio show hosts that would like to interview Susan. We will start these in late January and throughout February. If you would like to particiapte – contact nikki @  and read on for more details.

Ways to Participate in the Sacrifice at Sea Virtual Tour –

  • We will send you a PDF or ARC copy of the book to read and share a thorough review on your blog or in a newsletter. If you have another idea to share the review, contact Nikki with details.
  • We are interested in Author Spotlights and Book Spotlights on blogs or in newsletters.
  • Susan is also interested in doing radio shows

About Sacrifice at Sea by Susan Wingate

SACRIFICE AT SEA, book three of the “Bobby’s Diner” series.

After losing her husband and then her fiance’, Georgette Carlisle has finally met a new man–the police chief of Sunnydale, Willard Cleary. And, when they decide to take a cruise to the exotic Caribbean, she feels her life normalize. That is, until she learns there has been a murder aboard their ship. But, when the murderer turns his attention toward Georgette, their vacation cruise becomes a nightmare at sea. SACRIFICE AT SEA is the no. 3 book in the Bobby’s Diner series.

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About Susan Wingate

Susan began writing as a child when she learned her father was a writer. A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about faith, the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive in this extremely volatile ePublishing industry. She enjoys chatting with folks about her books at writing conferences, libraries and book stores around the country. She also loves to visit with book clubs for more intimate talks.

Susan Wingate’s full bio –

Check out an interview with Susan

Wednesday Feb 12 – Susan Wingate, author of Sacrifice at Sea, is interviewed tonight on  “Book and a Chat” with Barry Eva. You can listen tonight at 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST –

Award Winning Author Susan Wingate’s Full Bio

SUSAN WINGATE’s poem entitled “The Dance of Wind in Trees” was published in the April 2013 issue of the Virginia Quarterly Review. Her award-winning, #1 Amazon bestseller, DROWNING is now available in audio book version.

SPIDER BRAINS, book No. 1 in the “Susie Speider” YA Fiction Series is Available Now through Astraea Press and on Amazon.

In 2012, two of Susan’s books made it onto the Top 10 Amazon Best Seller list, twice.

DROWNING (contemporary women’s fiction) won 1st place in the 2011 Forward National Literature Award for the category of Drama. DROWNING also won a finalist award for the category of Women’s Fiction/Chick Lit in the 2011 International Book Awards and reached #1 on the Amazon’s Best Seller list.

A vibrant public speaker, Susan offers inspiring, motivational talks about the craft of writing, publishing and marketing, and how to survive this extremely volatile ePublishing industry. She presents these lectures at writing conferences, libraries and book stores around the country. She also loves to visit with book clubs for more intimate chats.

Susan Wingate ParentsBorn in Phoenix, Arizona to James & Amie, Susan tried to fly, at age five, off the roof of their family house using only newspaper, wire hangers and scotch tape. She’s been dreaming of flying ever since. Oh, by the way, she never jumped. Her mother ran out in the nick of time, screaming like a crazy woman, and stopped her from take-off. After that, she began taking dance lessons with the solid ground beneath her feet.

In high school, Susan became involved in acting when she joined the drama club. And, at seventeen, she went on a 2-month acting tour with an acting troupe called The Robinhood Players. At nineteen, she taught aerobics, waitressed and bartended. Susan graduated from AZ State University in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Three years later, she moved from Phoenix to an island off the Washington State coast to concentrate on her writing. However, to support herself, she opened up a bed & breakfast and for three years ran it but closed doors soon after September 11, 2001.

Still, her focus remained on writing.

It was after she got noticed by award-winning, international bestselling author, Michael Collins that she began to think she could actually make a career in the publishing industry. For two years Collins mentored Susan.

That brings us to today–still writing daily and loving it!

Oh, she also draws and paints abstracts using oil as her favored medium.

Susan lives not too far from Seattle on a little spit of an island with her husband, Bob, Robert (their dog), thirteen cats, eleven birds, a fistful of raccoons, a herd of deer, two sneaky foxes, a band of ring-necked doves, an unkindness of ravens, a murder of crows and a covey of quail!

For more details about her virtual book tour visit

Luxury Reading Review for Travels in Elysium

Luxury Reading shares their review for Travels in Elysium by William Azuski on their blog –

Literary fiction blends with Plato’s tale of Atlantis is this metaphysical mystery that takes place on an archaeological dig on the island of Santorini. Travels in Elysium is written in an allegory style. If you would like to read an an online excerpt – we have one posted here For more information or to get your own copy, visit

Travels in Elysium by William Azuski


Leadership It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint by Gordon Tredgold

Leadership is a quality that people need to learn. Whether you are aspiring to a business or management career, or want to be a leader in other aspects of your life, there is information in Gordon Tredgold’s new book. Leadership It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint covers many topics such as:

  • Leadership and Leadership Development
  • ManagementLeadership-Its a Marathon Not a Sprint
  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Mentoring
  • Self-Development
  • Speaking & Training
  • Writing

Gordon will be doing a variety of things as part of his tour –

  • Recorded and written interviews
  • Writing guest posts – topics listed above (or suggest another relevant topic)
  • Sending e-book or print copies of the book for detailed reviews

About Gordon Tredgold

Gordon has worked in IT for over 20 years and is a specialist in Transformational Leadership, Operational Performance Improvement, Organisational Development, Creating Business Value via IT, and Program and Change Management.

Gordon has an excellent Global and International experience having lived and worked in UK, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, USA and Germany. He also has multi sector knowledge including FMCG, Logistics, Utilities, Telecoms, Aviation, Banking and Finance.

About – Leadership: It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Leadership: It’s a Marathon not Sprint, is a pragmatic Leadership guide, explaining leadership principles in an  easy to use, easy to understand and more importantly easy implement style.

The book is split into 26 chapters, one for each mile of the marathon. In each chapter i explain a leadership principle in detail, provide examples of that principle being used in a business context, then each chapter concludes with how that principle was applied to my running goal of running my first Marathon at the age of 52.

This book will be of interest to existing leaders and people looking to move into leadership.

Clear, straightforward advice bases on the principles of Simplicity, Transparency and Focus.

Visit Gordon Tredgold’s blog –

Leadership It’s a Marathon Not a Spirnt –

To participate – contact nikki @

Interview with Eugenia Oganova on Coffee Thoughts Blog

Share excerpts from two interviews with Eugenia Oganova –

Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create With Spirit by Eugenia Oganova delves much deeper and eliminates the fluff you find

Eugenia Oganova

Eugenia Oganova

in so many books on these topics.  For people who want to make a dramatic change in their lives and want the full details on how to make that happen – this is a must have book. For more information about Eugenia Oganova and her work – visit and to get your copy today –

Get Your Copy of The Council of Light and Receive 60 Free Gifts

Hi Friends,

 I’ve found a book I think you’ll really enjoy and find very beneficial.  It’s The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by bestselling author Danielle Rama Hoffman.    

Order your copy today and receive exciting gifts from 60 amazing transformational leaders, including a fabulous bonus from me! 

  • Galactic teachings and practices to raise your vibrational energy and create a life of joy, abundance, and ease Council of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman
  • Provides direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council of Light to activate the 11 Rays of Light
  • Reveals that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want
  • Includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light

Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle was introduced to the Council of Light—an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into Unity Consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul’s deepest desires.

Here’s what Dr. Pat Bacilli has to say about the book:

Danielle has done it again! The Council of Light invites us to live in the space that is our Divine Birthright, JOY. This is more than a bookit is an experience! It is one of the much-needed reads of our time to move beyond fear, shame, guilt, and blame. This book is transformative for anyone who chooses a life of happiness and abundance.”   ~Pat Bacilli, PhD, host of The Dr. Pat Show

Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.

You’ll receive an array of valuable gifts when you order today.

Click here for more information, free gifts & ordering

Council of Light by Danielle Rama HoffmanWhen you are connected to your expanded self you are in tune with the larger picture of your life–of your soul’s evolution, of your past experiences, of having purpose, and of everything that has happened in your life being the best thing that could have ever happened. It is this expanded state that allows you to be neutral enough to decide that everything in your life is good and is a reason for joy.

Sonia Choquette, author of Trust Your Vibes and the New York Times Bestseller The Answer Is Simple says:

“The Council of Light is a brilliant gift from the Universe to all those who are ready to heal their hearts, receive the blessings of love and abundance, and elevate their human experience to a divine level. I loved it and so will you.”

And, if you order the book today, you’ll receive more than 60 downloadable bonus gifts from many of Danielle’s gifted colleagues.

Click here for more information, free gifts & ordering


Sneak Peeks into The Reality of ESP

Beth Trissel shares excerpts from The Reality of ESP by Russell Targ. Visit her blog to learn more about a psychic police officer who has an incredible gift for remote viewing. She also shares a couple of sketches from the book that you will be interested in seeing –

To learn more about Russell Targ’s work as the co-founder of a 20 year $25 million research program investigating psychic abilities for the CIA, Army Intelligence and many other agencies at Stanford Research Institute (SRI). get your own copy at You can find more information from the virtual book tour for The Reality of ESP at

The Reality of ESP by Russell Targ

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