I have a wide variety of books in print and this page will link you to each of them.  These are some of the types of books I have released.

My initial business books were released by Atlantic Publishing – known for their restaurant books in the beginning and they branched into many other non-fiction books over time. My primary publisher is Arline Chase of Write Words Inc and — Arline is a joy to work with and I’ve learned a lot from her. Thank you for everything Arline :)

Some of my books – at this point, digital books that I released in the Kindle store are released under my publishing company – Coastal Lights Publishing


Journey of a Lifetime by the Members of the Readers Station –

Business Books 

365 Mistakes Smart Managers Make Everyday –

How to Run a Financially Successful Pizza and Sub Shop –

Non Commercial Food Service Manager’s Handbook –

Successful Meetings –

Restaurant Manager’s Handbook (Ghostwritten but listed on the title page.) –


Stormy View (currently out of print)

Widow’s Walk – Misty Cove Series Book 1 –

– Kindle Edition –

Lady Lightkeeper – Misty Cove Series Book 2 –

– Kindle edition –

Lilah and the Locket – Cape Hatteras Mystery 1054 –

– Kindle Edition –

Promotional Books

Book Promo 101: Learn the Basics of Book Promotion –

– Kindle edition –

Book Promo 201: Harness the Power of the Internet with Web 2.0 and Social Media Marketing–

– PDF edition – (Kindle compatible)

Recommended WordPress Plugins (Ebook) –

Relationship Books

Learn to Love Yourself, How a Love Coach Can Help You (Ebook) –

Art of Kissing from Head to Toe – A Love Prints Report (Ebook) –

Importance of Touch in a Healthy Relationship (Ready for Love Radio Series with Love Coach and Sexpert Nikki Leigh) –

First Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Prepare for the Journey –

Second Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Envision the Possibilities for Your Life –

Third Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Overcome Your Inner Critic –

Fourth Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Guilt Anger and Anxiety –

Fifth Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Dig Deep and Be Completely Honest –

Sixth Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Repair Issues from Your Childhood –

Seventh Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Love Your Body Including the Flaws –

Eighth Stepping Stones to Love Yourself – Face Inner Obstacles to Relationships –

Ninth Stepping Stones to Love Yourself – Face Outer Obstacles to Relationships – coming soon

Tenth Stepping Stone Love Yourself – Are You Ready to Love Someone? – coming soon

Eleventh Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Love Through the Seasons of Life – coming soon

Twelfth Stepping Stone to Love Yourself – Create a Plan to Move Forward – coming soon

Miscellaneous Books

Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage (Ebook) by Nikki Leigh –

The Loveologist ® Guide To Understand Cheating by Ava Cadell (Author), Nikki Leigh (Editor)

Mosquito Marketing for Authors: How I self-published an award winning book that is a consistent best seller in its category – By Michelle Dunn, Nikki Leigh (Contributor)



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