She Thought She Could She Did by Judy Marie Trimbur Virtual Tour

Judy Marie Trimbur will tour cyber space to share her new book – She Thought She Could She Did. Please read on to learn much more about Judy Marie, her book and her work. Contact Nikki @ to participate.

Some of the Topics Judy Marie Trimbur will Discuss on the TourShe Thought She Could She Did - Judy Marie Trimbur

  • Miraculous Healings
  • The voice
  • Starving to Death starving to Be Healed
  • Be a Mother of Fear or a Mother of Faith
  • If there is a Will there’s a Way
  • Listen to Spirit, Follow Your Heart
  • Remembering Me
  • Heal the Body…….not the Disease
  • 7 ways to stay at peace
  • The Healer that always Was
  • A Mother’s Love
  • A Mother of Faith not Fear

During the tour, Judy Marie Trimbur will

  • Write guest posts
  • Complete written interviews
  • Do radio and other recorded interviews
  • Send advance review copies of the book (PDF)
  • Share excerpts from the book
  • If you have another idea – feel free to share it
  • Share videos about the book and her work

About She Thought She Could She Did

Throughout my life I have faced numerous health challenges and other obstacles along the way. My journey became a miraculous transformation from ‘victim-hood’ to ‘victorious-hood’. Knowing one day, I would be able to graciously “gift back” the pearls of wisdom that have been gifted to me. She Thought She Could She Did is a memoir intended to Divinely inspire others by providing a platform of spiritual self-study to invoke holistic healing.

Judy Marie TrimburAbout Judy Marie Trimbur

The inspiration behind writing She Thought She Could She did truly was a miraculous part of my soul’s destiny from birth.  When the day arrived to unleash my memoir, it felt as though the Divine directly carved a portal to my heart.  In a short time the stories became powerful messages of hope, help and healing for many.  I am a living testimony of a “once little girl” who came from a life of deep dysfunction and unconsciously addicted to being a victim, to becoming a woman embracing a beautiful path of “authentic wellbeing.”  I clearly understand the precious steps it takes to gentle restore our broken pieces of life and transform them into our own gorgeous master piece.

For More Information About Judy Marie Trimbur visit –


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