Dale Robyn Siegel Discusses Mortgage Financing on Radio Shows

Dale Robyn Siegel will tour cyberspace and visit a wide variety of radio shows, online and off. She is an expert on mortgage financing – and can answer all your questions about home financing and mortgages.

We are on the lookout for radio shows that discuss or want to discuss all facets of home financing for repeat home buyers and new home buyers. Do you have questions about how to qualify, how to prepare, what should you do before you start working with a realtor, how is the best way to refinance? She can answer these questions and much more…

To participate in this tour and to have Dale Robyn Siegel as a guest on your radio show, contact Nikki @ nikkileigh.com

Meet Dale Robyn Siegel

Dale Robyn Siegel is an attorney with over twenty years’ experience with Northpoint Mortgage in the residential industry. She is a published author and frequently sought as an expert in personal finance.

She can be contacted for expert advice, quotes or speaking engagements. She may also be contacted directly by listeners who seek personal advice concerning their own issues.

Dale Robyn Siegel’s website and http://www.circlemortgagegroup.com/

Suggested Audience and Talking Points

Dale Robyn Siegel

We can use two types of audiences

  • Consumer
  • Real estate and finance industry

We can speak about the consumer affect by

  • Government regulations
  • Political implications
  • Banking regulations

MorTgage Geography Options:

  • Country
  • State specific

How the new mortgage regulations will affect the consumer:

  • How they qualify for a loan
  • How they shop for a loan
  • How they apply for a loan
  • The process- paperwork and timing
  • How to be prepared to make it easier for themselves
  • Appraisals- how the value effects the loan amount and what to do if it comes in below the purchase price

The mortgage industry:

  • The downsizing
  • The industry is bogged down with paperwork and regulation
  • Are there unqualified people working at the banks
  • Are there unqualified people creating the new regulations- and who are they

Future of the Mortgage Industry:

  • Will the industry turn around?
  • What will make it turn around?
  • What are the predictions for 2014?
  • How has the economy affected real estate?
  • Is there really little inventory out there and why
  • What about short sales?
  • What about unemployment

Dale Robyn Siegel’s qualification to speak about Mortgage financing

  • Over 25 years in real estate industry
  • Active mortgage broker
  • Attorney
  • Author of consumer books
  • Author of professional education books
  • College professor at NYU and Baruch
  • Blogger
  • Guest speaker on many major media outlets- ABC, NBC, NPR among top appearance
  • Quoted in NY Times and many major newspapers and magazines
  • Done radio and print for years
  • Respected person in industry
  • Seasoned mortgage loan officer with extensive training in regulation


  • Well prepared with talk points- prescreens topics the host would like to cover
  • Adds additional info on current and future issues that might not be known to the general public yet
  • Creates tip sheets
  • Understands how to speak in “sound bites”
  • Great conversationalist

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