How to Deal with A Woman’s Fluctuating Emotions – Ready for Love Radio

Imagine if women could work with their body instead of fighting the natural ups and downs of life. What if men could learn how to work with a woman’s fluctuating emotions and feelings? Men – you will learn tips that are more valuable than roses and diamonds to your relationship.

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New Show – Monday 7 pm and 11:30 pm

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Gurutej will reveal ways to change your life FOREVER. She is a world acclaimed teacher, leader and spiritual teacher.  We are sharing these previously secret teachings so you can create better relationships which are the basis of all joy and balance.

Gurutej was not always been calm, centered. She is the first to admit that like many other women, she was reactive, judgmental, stressed, overwhelmed and enslaved by her emotional reactions. This is why she wants to share the secrets of the moon centers with you because they were a great road map for her to be the woman she wanted to be. Not a slave to emotions.

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If you miss this airing, you can catch one of the replays. But there will be a new episode next Monday, so be sure you tune in now.


Ready for Love Radio with Love Coach Nikki Leigh

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