Discover the Path to Awakening the Harmony Within by Eugenia Oganova

Today we kick off the virtual tour for Eugenia Oganova and Awakening the Harmony Within – Creating with Spirit. Throughout the month we will share a variety of reviews, information, articles and excerpts from the book, videos and more. We invite you to check out each post to Awakening the Harmony Withinlearn as much as possible. If you have a blog and would like to participate, we have a few spots left in the tour – contact Nikki @ for more details. Now let’s get started….

Pamela Thibodeaux shares information about Awakening the Harmony Within by Eugenia Oganova – She will also share an excerpt about Clarifying your Soul’s desires, and the setup of proper intention for their manifestation.

Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create With Spirit by Eugenia Oganova delves much deeper and eliminates the fluff you find in so many books on these topics.  For people who want to make a dramatic change in their lives and want the full details on how to make that happen – this is a must have book. For more information about Eugenia Oganova and her work – visit and to get your copy today –

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