Authors! How Will Readers Know about You

Authors! How Will Readers Know about Your Books? – I’ve seen more and more authors complaining about promoting their books lately. My friend Kathleen Gage mentions the need to promote in a recent blog post. One of the things she mentioned is the fact that hit me some time ago — why would an author put so much work into writing a book, finding a publisher, going through the editing process and then – not put effort into getting into the hands of readers?? Long ago I was sure that I just wanted to write for me – and I still write because I love it. But, I also write because I have stories to share and information that I know will help people – so I want/need to get it in front of the people who can benefit from it. Just one authors perspective 🙂

2 Responses

  1. That’s why there are people like us. We like helping authors to get the word out about their book(s). We should all help each other to succeed. My goals are your goals. That’s my motto.

    • Agreed – I figure we’re all in this together 🙂

      I should send you info about the tours I’m working on right now – one or two may be of interest 🙂

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