Awakening the Harmony Within Articles

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These are articles that we have prepared for virtual book tour hosts to share on their blog during the tour — the articles in red are already being shared on other blogs. Please pick something else.

1.      Self-Mastery through the use of the Higher Mind

2.      Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People (posted 9-9-13)

3.      Is Destiny Pre-Determined or Self-Created

4.      Curing the “Victim Virus”  (posted 9-12-13)

5.      Discernment and Self-mastery

6.      Eliminating obstacles on the path of communication with non-physical reality

7.      Sound Healing, Toning and Tibetan singing Bowls (posted 9-2013)

8.      Spiritual Self-Care

9.      Understanding of your personal energy “broadcast” and how to remain in control of it (posted 9-4-13)

10.  Clarifying your Soul’s desires, and the setup of proper intention for their manifestation (posted 9-3-13)

11.  Personal Transfiguration through Internal Alchemy.

12.  Creation of Personal Reality (posted 10-23-2013)

13.  Trusting your Own Path

14.  Disappointment or Gratitude? (posted 9-20-2013)

15.  Changing our Childish Negative Beliefs in order to become Spiritual Adults

16.  Transmuting Tribal Competition into Unity Consciousness/Cooperation (posted 9-18-2013)

17.  Awakening your Light Body

18.  Receiving Guidance and How to Know if it is for your Highest Good or Not?

19.  The Use of Channeling to Increase Personal Vibration

20.  The Benefits of Mantra

21. Food, Exercise and Sleep to Welcome Soul into the Body

22. Guiding Dreams

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