Eugenia Oganova Full Bio

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Eugenia Oganova Full Bio –

I was born in Russia and from my early years have been practicing consciousness expansion – awakening healing work (which in Russia is called tselitel’stvo, the “wholeness-making”) within myself, and with the planet, people and animals. I was born with an awareness of my Soul’s journey and a memory of where I came from prior to birth in this life. I could see and read energies that were invisible to those around me and this ability, coupled with an intense curiosity, fueled my search for spiritual answers and an ever-expanding comprehension of how life works, who we are, the meaning of our journey in matter and how to make that journey the most efficient.

I have always felt myself to be “on a mission” – a mission of enlightment – for myself, others, and the planet. My clairvoyant abilities allow me to have an intimate relationship with Earth, Galaxy, and Universe, which have never felt far away to me. Being able to perceive the multidimensionality of universal energy, I live in a perpetual experience of Source’s Light/Code in every moment, parallel to regular life’s circumstances, thoughts and feelings. The holographic nature of our reality was apparent to me from birth, and exploration of that hologram became my life’s work.

In 1992, with determination and courage and without speaking a word of English, my family and I immigrated to

Eugenia Oganova

Eugenia Oganova

the United States from Russia, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As an immigrant my life was difficult, yet people in need of healing and answers were always finding their way to me. As time went by, I learned English and worked at many jobs. I have studied science, history, archeology and astronomy in Russia and in the U.S. and have a BFA degree from the Art Institute of Boston. I now live in Maine with my husband.

My life has been about inspiration, personal discovery and the healing, teaching, and creative work for the benefit of humanity. For over twenty years now, using my ability to see and read energy, I help people figure out solutions to many life’s challenges. It is important to me to see you empowered and conscious, and so I teach how you can grab the tail of your destiny and ride it, how you can become everything you are meant to be. Sure there are blocks in the way and they need to be worked on, and your effort is required for that task, but the result of confidence and connection to your Soul and Source is well worth the effort.

I believe that Awakening comes from Personal Mastery. Conscious awareness of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs – all that comprises our personalities – is how we become spiritual Masters in welcoming the Soul into our physical bodies. As awakened beings we are truly free to create the life we desire, filled with Joy, Creative Inspiration, Peace and Love. All we have got to do is apply consistent conscious effort and an amazing magical life will be ours!

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