Danger of Racial Divide in Zimmerman Jury

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June 14, 2013

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 Danger of Racial Divide in Zimmerman Jury

 Author and Nationally Syndicated Columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson whose new book,  America on Trial: The Slaying of Trayvon Martin http://www.amazon.com/America-Slaying-Trayvon-Hutchinson-ebook/dp/B00D5IGLIY  examines the issues of race and the criminal justice system in the Martin case contends that the racial divide in the case could seep into jury selection and deliberations. Hutchinson notes that opinion polls and surveys on the Martin shooting have consistently shown that a majority of whites are ambivalent about the Zimmerman prosecution or support Zimmerman’s version of events in the shooting. On the other hand, Hutchinson notes, the same polls and surveys show that a majority of blacks believe that Zimmerman is guilty.

There is the strong likelihood that there will be some diversity in the final jury picked in the case. This could set up a prolonged battle to reach a verdict—if a verdict can be reached. A jury decision could be further muddled, Hutchinson adds, by the defense’s relentless effort to depict Martin as the aggressor in the shooting. This has angered many blacks and civil rights leaders who have closely monitored the case.

The one certainty, Hutchinson adds, is that race will overhang the many days that the prosecution and Zimmerman’s defense attorneys will do battle over who will and should be the final six jurors. That battle could continue into the jury room.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His new ebook is America on Trial: The Slaying of Trayvon Martin (Amazon). He is an associate editor of New America Media. He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on American Urban Radio Network. He is the host of the weekly Hutchinson Report on KTYM 1460 AM Radio Los Angeles and KPFK-Radio and the Pacifica Network.

America on Trial The Slaying of Trayvon Martin by Earl Ofari Hutchinson

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