Interview with Tim Ashby, Author of Time Fall

Last night I listened to The Joe Show with Joe Crawford and he interviewed, Tim Ashby – the author of Time Fall which we’re Tim Ashby Author of Time Fallpromoting in June. They talked about the time travel element of Tim’s book. Lt. Art Sutton’s team of six US Rangers parachute into Nazi Germany…  but they vanish in 1945.  They land, a few minutes later, in 2011. The Rangers are unaware of the passage of time all around them and the valiant, misguided soldiers begin to attack “enemy” targets.

When the show ended, I turned on The Twilight Zone and it was “The Last Flight” – which is about a WWI pilot who took off in 1917, and lands in 1959 — — you should check it out and you also need to check out this interview.

Friday, you can hear a replay of the interview with Tim Ashby – he’s on the second part of the show and you can hear it Friday May 24th at 5am, 10am and 4pm EST Just click on to hear their conversation…. for more information, visit


Time Fall by Tim Ashby

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