Which 10 Types of Boards do You Need on Your Pinterest Account?

There are unlimited options for the type of boards you can create on Pinterest. One simple example is whether you choose to use broad topics or more narrow and focused topics. So, how do you decide which 10 boards do you NEED on Pinterest? Find out today with this post by Karen Leland, author of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business – http://publicityspark.com/10-pinterest-boards-every-business-should-consider/

Karen Leland is the bestselling author of 8 business books including the recently released Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest For Business, which can be purchased at http://bit.ly/Amazonbook.  She is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she works with small businesses and Fortune 500 on building stronger personal and team brands. She writes the Modern Marketing Blog at www.karenleland.com. 

Here are some examples of types of boards from the Walmart Pinterest account…

Walmart Boards - Pinterest Guide for Business

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