Pinterest for Business – Guest Post Topics

We screened the content of the Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business and these are the topics we would like to focus on with our guest posts. Which topic would be a good fit for your blog? To participate in this virtual tour, please contact nikki @ and you can get more details about the tour at –

Guest Post Topics – 

14 Types of Pinterest Boards Worth Creating for Your Business

Review these dozen-plus ideas to see which would serve you best given your Pinterest
marketing goals.

The ABCs of Pinning to Your Pinterest Boards
Just posting any old photo or video won’t get visitors to follow your boards or find outEntrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business
more about you. Follow these criteria to attract the right audience.

Finding Great Content to Pin
Learn how to create a magical mix of your own content, other people and companies’
available images and repins of what others have already pinned.

Build Up Your Pinterest Audience
Follow these simple strategies to increase the number of followers you have.

Who Should Your Business Follow on Pinterest?
When it comes to choose whom you want to follow, these guidelines will help you find
sources based on your brand strategy and marketing goals.

Track Your Pinterest Performance
Use any of these six tools to measure and improve the results of your pinning efforts.

Create a Pinterest Profile That Rocks
If you’re a serious entrepreneur, you’ll take the time to maximize your Pinterest profile
to its fullest. After all, the more the people know about you, the stronger your business
brand will be.

Get to Know the World of Pinterest
Before you delve into the wide world of pinning, it’s worth your while to familiarize
yourself with the Pinterest interface in order to make navigating the site easy.

Create and Name Your Pinterest Boards
Your boards are your brand on Pinterest. Discover how easy it is to create and name your
new boards.

Keeping Your Pinterest Boards Fresh to Attract Interest

Here are a few editing tips to help you keep your Pinterest boards inventive and

Choosing Exactly What to Pin on Your Pinterest Boards
The key to making Pinterest work for you is to be selective in what you pin and only pin
the most compelling and relevant content. Here’s what should make the cut.

10 Types of Videos to Pin to Your Pinterest Boards
While the vast majority of Pinterest users post mostly photos, you can make your
Pinterest boards more of a multimedia experience by sharing videos.

Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly
Find out how optimizing your site for Pinterest can help drive traffic.

Connect With Your Fellow Pinterest Pinners
These four tools will help you build your brand by engaging with the Pinterest
community at large.

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