Would You Like to Discuss Aphrodisiacs in February

During the month of February Linda DeVillers, PhD is touring cyberspace on a virtual book tour to promote her book Simple Sexy Food.

This is what Linda DeVillers has to say about why she wrote Simple Sexy Food

I created this book to help you enjoy the remarkable relationship between food and sex. These two themes run brightly through my own life both personally and professionally, and are inseparable from my sense of who I am. Having counseled and taught thousands of people on the loving arts, and having fed nearly as many in my kitchens over the years, I find myself in a state of barely contained excitement over the opportunity to share what I know with you. I am the only author in this field to be credentialed in both sexual health and food, having worked and presented internationally and conducted research on the joint topic over the course of my career.

There are a number of books on the market about Aphrodisiacs, but there are some distinct differences about Simple Sexy Food…

Simple Sexy Food is an aphrodisiac cookbook like no other. Honest and direct, detailed and informative, it’s packed with exclusive recipes, food and sex tips, descriptions and histories of ingredients and even survey data about what food people find sexy. And it’s the only aphrodisiac cookbook written by a clinical sex therapist who also happens to be a foodie!

Would you like to share a short interview with DeVillers, or maybe an excerpt and a recipe? There are dozens of recipes in Simple Sexy Food that you can share with your site visitors. We also have a photo contest using these scrumptious recipes – full details can be found here – http://www.lovecoachjourney.com/recipe-photo-contest/

If you have questions or would like to participate, please contact nikki@nikkileigh.com

Simple Sexy Food by Linda DeVillers, PhD

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