Debut Author David Leroy Is Guest Blogger at Historical Tapestry

Debut author David LeRoy visited Historical Tapestry, sharing a guest post titled “Why I Love Ocean Liners.” He discussed how, while doing background research for his World War II novel The Siren of Paris, he learned about a little known historical event: the sinking of the RMS Lancastria, a small one stack Cunard liner that took on over 7,000 British soldiers and civilian refugees on June 17th, 1940. The exact number is unknown, because they stopped counting at 7,000. This tragedy was covered up by the British government. In his guest post, Leroy also talks about why ocean liners fascinate him. Please visit Historical Tapestry and read the article here:

The Siren of Paris follows the journey of one American from medical student, to artist, to political prisoner at Buchenwald Concentration Camp during World War Two. It is thoroughly researched, suspenseful, and rich in historical detail.

For more information about this virtual book tour, please see: To order a copy of The Siren of Paris for Kindle, for $4.99, please visit:

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