Consoling the Stars – Check it Out on Kickstarter

One of the unique projects that I’m involved in, is a short film titled Consoling the Stars. I have very minor participation in this project and definitely all behind the scenes 🙂 But I am always in favor of things that help young people feel good or better about themselves and that encourage young people to set goal, have dreams and to reach for those dreams. That is what Consoling the Stars does – with an interesting cast…

  • Consoling the Stars features Alex Pyles – 14 time World Champion and inducted in the Black Belt Hall of Fame at age 9. She is… a force to be reckoned with…
  • Catherine Sewell is a doctor, an educator and a counselor – in addition to being an experienced actress.
  • Andrew Goad is a world renowned member of Team PVT
  • Whitney Pyles is a World Champion Martial Artist
  • Master Dean Pyles is doing is the stunt coordinator on the film. These techniques have real world applications. He works with our troops and military troops. He is the founder and creator of L.A.S.T. Defense which is a military combative program taught to Special Forces and is considered one of the world’s most effective fighting systems. L.A.S.T. stands for Lethal Assault Survival Tactics.
  • Hylea Pyles is 7 years old and is a World Champion Martial Artist just like her big sisters.

And – the narrators are my personal friends – Stephanie Raven and Jon Raven 🙂

Consoling the Stars is posted on Kickstarter to raise the funds to produce this short film. You can donate as little as you want or as much as you want – but we must raise at least $1000 by July 20. Each person who donates to this project – will get a package of gifts – all of these are listed on the project page. And, I’ll be adding social media consultations to the giveaways, very soon 🙂

You can get full details here –

If you have any questions — let me know at nikki @

Click to Learn More About Consoling the Stars

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