Dr T William Hefferan – Author of JOBS

Dr. T. William Hefferan, DBA, MBA, CCIM, CPM

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Dr. Hefferan served in the US Army, including two years in Heidelberg, Germany. He enjoyed his tour of duty as a writer for Army in Europe Magazine and traveled throughout Europe to virtually every country in the region writing human interest stories as assignments for the magazine.

This wonderful writing experience formed the basis for his need to continue writing when he wrote and self-published Cooking as an Event. This book is based on his travels in Europe and his extensive background of developing high-end restaurants in Europe and the United States. This was followed with the book, The Old Colony Building, a real estate design and development book that describes developing and evaluating commercial investment real estate in critical detail, including comprehensive financial analyses.

Published in 2010, his peer reviewed research study, Employers and Job Seekers Pursue Mutual Excellence Through Postmodern Employment Communications Strategies, forms the basis for his latest book, JOBS: How the United States Can Reach Long-Term Full Employment. Dr. Hefferan has written over 250 research papers on various business and related topics.

As a lifelong learner, Dr. Hefferan doesn’t plan on stopping his quest to add to the list of his business and related degrees. Dr. Hefferan puts it this way, “Because of my love of learning, I am committed to a life-long learning adventure. The more I learn the more I discover how much I don’t know.”

Dr. Hefferan enjoys a few hobbies including: small boat building, making furniture, and other wood working ventures. He also enjoys cooking and is ready to publish his second cookbook. His passion is the Triathlon for which Puerto Rico, the location of his current project, is ideal.  He has three children, the youngest having just graduated from college joins the other two with busy professional careers in different parts of the globe, so he doesn’t see them as much as he would like.

His work passion, design and development of commercial investment real estate, began during his first year in college. This exciting journey began when he started purchasing small apartment buildings when he was 18. This was the genesis of his career as the President/CEO of a commercial investment real estate design and development company based in Michigan.The company’s focus includes acquisitions, design and development, syndication and packaging of all types of commercial real estate projects, from creating new projects, re-hab of existing (primarily historic), or any other concept that will create a substantial return for the investors.

These projects range from office buildings, student housing, shopping centers, manufactured housing communities, medical centers, hotels, to any type of project that fits a particular area and/or economic time. Dr. Hefferan enjoys the challenge that begins with conceptualizing the idea, designing the total project, forming the ownership entity, creating the debt and equity structures, building the project, and managing it throughout its life cycle. He especially enjoys the many creative opportunities, beginning with the development of an idea, through the concept and design process, creating the marketing and branding strategies, the architectural stage, and the various financial structures that are all intriguing and challenging. Dr. Hefferan decided to expand the company into the Caribbean, with Puerto Rico selected as the home base.

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