Suzanne Gravelle Bio

“Unfinished,” Suzanne’s debut book, begins the journey, the adventure, the memoir of a woman who after 30 years of raising her three children, most of it as a single mother, who suddenly finds herself at the most confusing, complicated cross roads of her life, a life altering transition she had no idea was going to change her life forever.

Looking forward to minimizing the material possessions in her life to maximize the quality, free from responsibilities of caring for children, a large home and property by herself, she was opening her mind and her heart to all, that for years, she willingly sacrificed until her children were looking after themselves.

Then on the cusp of this freedom she suffered a heart break of such magnitude that it ripped her safe, comfortable world apart. But this heart break was only the catalyst that propelled her to embark upon the most remarkable, self-analyzing journey of her life.

In the spring of 2010, Suzanne sold her home on the East Coast of Canada, put her important possessions in storage, packed up her truck, kissed her children, grandchildren and friends good bye and just drove away…Alone!

Her self-imposed exile sent her into a solitary world of self-exploration, mental darkness, infused with loneliness and homesickness.

16 months after leaving home and 60,000 kilometers later, Suzanne the Gypsy, which is how her friends have always fondly described her adventurous spirit, along with her warrior determination, is still driving. “Driving that first kilometer away from everything that was safe, warm and familiar was the longest, hardest kilometer I have ever driven.”

Suzanne has been interviewed by radio stations and newspapers in the Toronto area and will be participating in conferences, T.V. talk shows, radio talk shows all across Canada and the USA while continuing her journey.

Find out where Suzanne is and listen to current interview on 1290 CJBK London, Ontario on Suzanne’s blog…..

Suzanne will be releasing her second book titled “Finished” in March of 2012.

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  2. […] Suzanne Gravelle is 49 Years old and has 3 children, 2 grandchildren who live in Nova Scotia. At the time this book goes to print she is single and homeless by choice, still travelling, seeking that place of comfort she will eventually call home. She spent most of her life living in Nova Scotia but her formidable years aged 10-25, were spent living on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. She resigned as a Real Estate Agent in Nova Scotia, to embark upon this most incredible journey, driving, exploring Canada and writing this book. Read Suzanne’s extended biography. […]

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