Nikki Leigh on Aging Info Radio – Live on Air or on Your Computer

Nikki Leigh is a guest on Aging Info Radio. Airing from Elmhurst Illinois weekly on Thursday at 1:00pm CST.  We stream live on the web @ and listen through We will talk about issues surrounding love, intimacy, relationships and sex as we age.

Tune in to ~~  Aging Info Radio – WJJG AM 1530  Thursday May 26th, 1:00pm cst.~~
Show streams live on the web at
Broadcasts live from Elmhurst, IL on 1530 AM

                                           “LOVE, SEX & RELATIONSHIPS”
Expert Guests:

            Nikki Leigh,  Certified Love Coach & Master Sexpert,,

Rick Goodfriend, Expert in Harmony & Kindness, Founder of World Empathy Day & Author

If you miss our show it will soon after be audio archived at and our guests will be listed in “A.I.R. Guests”.
Feel free to download our show and or link with


Get your FREE copy of my ebook on love coaching – and my ebook on Art of Kissing from Head to Toe –  There is a special offer in the back of each ebook. You can connect with Ready for Love Radio on Facebook –, This is the place for insider information about the show and a great place to share your thoughts and questions.

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